So to continue the retro / nostalgia theme that started with the release of MemoRift, we bring you news of somewhat more hardcore retro and emulation option for those wanting to try and bring their enjoyment of retro PC games and software into the virtual realm on their Oculus Rift VR Headset.

DOSCulus is a port of the popular DOSBox PC and DOS emulator (‘Disk Operating System’, Microsoft’s first operating system prior to Windows) . Many older PC games that were written for older IBM Compatible OSes that pre-date Windows require emulation for them to work. DOSBox wraps the game, providing hardware emulation for old sound cards and graphics cards enabling you to spin up, for example, Wolfenstein 3D from your shiny new Windows 8 operating system.

DOSCulus essentially keeps DOSBox’s functionality intact but implements a floating, virtual screen that reacts to head tracking – as if you had a virtual monitor. DOSCulus also allows zooming of the view to accommodate the resolution limitation of Oculus’ first Developer Kit (DK1). Otherwise, it’s business as usual for loading and playing your favourite games.

I’m not sure how attractive this proposition is, but I guess playing games on a huge virtual monitor might be cool. Either way, if you give it a try, let us know your experiences and thoughts on it.

Update Opens the Door for Enhanced Roomscale Tracking with Rift and Touch

You can grab DOSCulus and keep up with it’s development at the Oculus Developer Forums here.

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  • mellott124

    This is really cool. Not sure the virtual monitor serves any purpose though. Would be more interesting to just warp the screens for the Rift and map the tracker to mouse input for older games. Would love to play Terminal Velocity on the Rift. Descent was another classic VR title which included support for the VFX1.

  • deadering

    I find this incredibly cool! I think also the virtual monitor will be more usable than just filling the screen. I’d imagine an option for the two would not be impossible.

    I didn’t think the wait would be this bad between selling my dk1 to my dk2…