While you can find steep deals on brand new Windows VR headsets, if you’re not afraid to buy refurbished you can get a rather phenomenal deal in the form of a factory recertified Acer VR headset and controllers for just $135.

Update (July 24th, 2018): It appears Acer is having a 10% off deal at their digital storefront, including the refurbished Acer Windows VR headset. This effectively brings the price down from $150 to $135 for the entire kit. Simply apply coupon code FBlike102018 at checkout to get $15 off.

The original article follows below.

Original Article (July 17th, 2018)Spotted by Reddit user ‘nosfusion’, the deal can be found on Acer’s official US recertified site offering the company’s VR headset, the AH101 and Windows Mixed Reality controllers, for $150. That’s a $250 discount off the MSRP of a new headset (and about $150 less than you can find them on sale new elsewhere). According to Acer’s site, recertified products come with a 90 day warranty and a 30 day return period, and the company also offers an extended warranty service.

We reviewed the Acer Mixed Reality headset when it launched back in October 2017 and found it to be a competent device is worthy of consideration for those looking to buy their first VR headset—if you’re on a budget, you’re simply not going to find a better headset at this price point. Incumbents like the Rift and Vive will cost you around $400 and $500 respectively.

Acer Windows VR Headset Review

While the Rift and Vive are arguably better, the Acer VR headset has a handful of clear advantages—like the dead simple setup which uses inside-out tracking instead of external sensors, and it’s higher resolution.

While Microsoft has done a poor job of curating VR applications in its own Windows Store, the Acer VR headset (and all of the Windows VR headsets), can play most SteamVR applications through an official utility, which means you’ll be able to get your groove on with Beat Saber even with a Windows VR headset. You can even play Oculus exclusive games via the unofficial Revive hack.

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  • Sandy Wich

    I’d think twice about buying a 3rd party partnership headset from a company that’s recently stated it’s NOT bringing VR to it’s major gaming platform.

    No exclusives, likely no gen 2, and inside/out tracking can never be as good as outside/in. They’ll milk the free ride from Steam and keep focusing on either AR or nothing. There is a reason why these headsets are getting the large discounts they keep getting. You won’t see Microsoft researching new VR tech/solutions like Oculus is, you won’t see them develop AAA VR games like Oculus/Vive are.

    Have you noticed that all the big VR enthusiasts on Youtube who have these headsets keep doing their videos with the Rift/Vive? I wonder why….. After saying how great WMR is I see them go back to making more videos with their PSVR than WMR.

    Pay a couple hundred more bucks, set up a camera to ur pc. Invest in platforms that actually CARE about VR instead of 1 leaching on to make a quick buck.

    • dk

      lol no gen 2 ….MS wants to be the os of all types of hmds ….every updated win 10 pc supports this platform ….and obviously u can play everything with these headsets ….and most games work perfectly ….if u want more from the controllers tracking u should get something else …..and eventually when they grow the the platform it will support non MS headsets too
      …..it’s not just a store for games …..the platform is going to be the Windows of head mounted displays …..there is no stopping this train

      • Sandy Wich

        Being an OS that has VR on it doesn’t really mean anything except for the fact more people will continue to own computers. They aren’t making money from Vive/Oculus purchases, are they?

        As for games.. They have no exclusives. And with new technology like Foveated rendering or better controllers from their competitors their VR brands will only grow stronger. If MS isn’t even willing to make more than Gears/Forza/Halo on their incredibly successful gaming platform that is Xbox, why would they make games/invest in new technology for their 3rd party PCVR which isn’t succeeding? MS loves to talk big, but then do nothing. Remember their 15 year commitment to PC gaming?

        The games that work, “near”, perfectly with this headset are the games you hold your hands primarily in front of you, which is fine. But people are having tracking issues with these things all over the place. I’m not saying the tracking is genuinely horrible. It works. It’s just not good in comparison to Roomscale Rift/Vive, both of which will only get better while inside/out is forever doomed to play catch up.

        Idk what train you’re talking about honestly. Their dedication to the VR platform is more like a scooter without a back wheel atm. Maybe in time that’ll change though, but then again, maybe in time Microsoft will go bankrupt? Nobody is immune from failing. And I haven’t seen MS do good in the better part of a decade now.

        • Xron

          I guess Ms might start supporting Vr on their next gen consoles, to offer mid/high end Vr experiences.
          Next console, might come out by 2021 I guess.

          • Sandy Wich

            Well in truth they may just be afraid of another Kinect blunder and are waiting it out. Maybe we will see Xbox…Uhh… Two? VR. We already know we got a PSVR2 and a next Gen Rift headset coming someday, right?

          • Sandy Wich

            That’s very possible, they may have decided to jump ship this gen, and wait out until next gen console hardware. But when they say no, it’s best not to hope for a yes.

            Personally I think Microsoft only cares about AR, which is fine, AR might have a future. I think the only reason why they even designed software support for their 3rd party VR headsets is to have a finger in the pie myself. Because they’re certainly putting zero effort in WMR otherwise.

            Well in the end, at least it’s dirt cheap. And will likely continue to be dirt cheap as long as people keep passing on it for vastly superior alternatives like Vive/Rift/PSVR.

            Resolution is great and all, but at the loss of all exclusives and quality tracking… Meh.

          • daveinpublic

            Microsoft has been pretty bullish on VR. Remember, they were the first to have inside out tracking for headset and controller used in a commercial product. They were ahead of the game, so they could have more up their sleeve. You know they have to be working on foveated rendering right now.

        • dk

          yes they r not getting into the console vr market yet …..the platform is literally spatial computing mode for windows for any ar/vr/mr headset…….this had to be done right from the beginning of vr……they r doing hardware because no one was doing simple convenient cheap headsets….and because developing an app for the platform means it will run in winmr in your virtual home and u can use the app in your living room with the hololens and future ar/mr devices

          • Sandy Wich

            You might be right, I guess we’ll just have to watch and see what happens with VR as time goes on.

        • MosBen

          Yes, the inside out tracking in the WMR headsets seems to be clearly inferior to the tracking used in the Rift and Vive, but from the reviews that I’ve read, it still works pretty well, most of the time. I wouldn’t recommend anyone picking these HMDs up for their MSRP, but at $150 it’s price competition with mobile VR, and it’s clearly superior to those products. There’s no reason that I, a Rift owner, would purchase one of these, but I did tell my friends about it, in case that’s a price where they feel like they can take a swing.

          • Sandy Wich

            Yea it’s fun to try it out, but i got a big suspicion that WMR is going to be the, “Okay, vr is kinda cool, now lets buy into a good platform!”, deal. That’s why I think it’s better if ppl just take the leap for a bit more and get a better hardware, better service and exclusives.

    • Mythos88

      WMR could be the first out with a next gen device if the rumours are true about Samsung announcing a next gen VR/AR WMR device at the IFA conference.

      Steam is an open platform and is the primary storefront for WMR which has as much right to it as anyone. Is the Vive leeching off Steam too?

      Better still, pay a couple hundred more and get the Samsung Odyssey.

      No I haven’t noticed that on YouTube. I did notice Sebastian Ang of MRTV said this weeks that he is mostly using in Pimax 8K and Samsung Odyssey now–he has them all. And I also noticed that most of SweViver recently videos were using the Odyssey.

      • Sandy Wich

        Idk what Samsung is doing but I don’t pay much attention to rumors bud, I like real things.

        Vive is partnered with Valve and they develop technology side by side like the Knuckles controllers.

        I certainly have, everywhere I go on Youtube I only ever see Rift/VivePSVR videos. WMR is something I see people make a video of, “But is it good!?!!” and then they never use it again. But it’s cool that 2 Youtubers have created more than 1 WMR video. >:D

        • Mythos88

          “Idk what Samsung is doing but I don’t pay much attention to rumors bud, I like real things.”

          That from someone who said WMR will likely never have a gen 2. Which is rather absurd, especially considering the pace of the updates we’ve been getting and already getting Motion Reprojection (ASW) which works amazing and is something the Vive still hasn’t managed yet. The “Mixed Reality” portion of WMR name is indicative of the future generations of WMR.

          WMR does not use the Valve VR hardware (which had a little early collaboration with HTC) . WMR only uses steam for the software library which Microsoft did most of the interface work for (WMR for Steam) and it is a safe bet that HTC didn’t help them write it. Though PiMax and LG will be using the hardware and they have every right too. Only someone misinformed would even think they are leeching doing so and Valve wants them to.

          • Sandy Wich

            Where did I say WMR wouldn’t have a gen 2? I was clearly talking about the 3rd party Acer VR headset.

            But tbh now that you mention it, I wouldn’t put much belief in a gen 2 WMR device either. Much more likely a Microsoft AR headset than more investment into a platform they’ve already abandoned on their own gaming platform XBOX.

            I never said WMR used Valve hardware. Idk what your paragraph was for.

          • daveinpublic

            Their AR headset would be using much of the same research and development as the VR headset, so it’s basically the same platform. That’s why they named it WMR to begin with. But there’s still plenty of time for an upgraded VR headset to come out, and wouldn’t be surprised if a new version came out in a year or 2 with more tracking range for the controllers and higher res.

    • Veron

      The next gen Xbox console comes out in 2020. The original Xbox One isn’t powerful enough to support decent VR. Microsoft would have to be crazy to release a headset in mid 2018 that would be obsolete in 2 years time, for the small base of Xbox One X owners.

      There are multiple reasons to choose a Windows headset over the Rift or Vive. FAR easier setup, far better headset portability and doesn’t hog USB ports or power points. Stop spreading FUD

    • Baldrickk

      “Have you noticed that all the big VR enthusiasts on Youtube who have
      these headsets keep doing their videos with the Rift/Vive? I wonder
      Because they have been out longer, and as enthusiasts, they bought the products that were available at the time?

      • Sandy Wich

        Being out longer doesn’t mean anything. People use the better products. They own them, they don’t use them after the initial review.

    • What an idiot. Try it before yo speak. Another iteration has already been announced and samsung will most likely be releasing it this year. Youtuber do their Videos with Rift and Vive because mixed reality streaming is best supported with those headsets. Also if you have the money to buy the best then you should obviously buy the best ones. These are intended for the consumers that can’t and the Samsung Odyssey far surpasses in visual quality the vive and the oculus.

      • Sandy Wich

        You enjoy dem dev videos yo.

        Honestly, you of all people calling someone an idiot.

    • NooYawker

      If I didn’t already have a VR headset, att this late point into gen 1 hardware I’d buy this then save my money for gen2 hardware.

    • Robbie Zeigler

      As a former vive and now a rift owner I agree mostly what what you stated except for inside/out tracking never being as good as outside/in tracking. Its true in its current state but give it a few years and inside/out will be the norm and the tracking will be superb.

  • dk

    the lenovo was 150 in the MS store ….but it’s out of stock

    • NooYawker

      Acer looks like it’s still available but in the acer store not MS store.

  • oompah

    alas vr headsets not available everywhere

    • NooYawker

      Click the link to Acer, looks like they’re still available.

  • James Hall

    Do these work at all on Windows 8.1? I have a couple of Steam titles I’d like to have a VR headset to play.

    • brandon9271

      There’s a Microsoft compatibility app you can download to see if your PC will work. They might be Win10 only. Not sure

  • jeff courtney

    Nice deal if you have no cv1 or vive.It doesnt require sensors either…but the experience is not as good as those with the sensor.Praise Jesus !

    • JJ

      Praise Satan!

  • gothicvillas

    The problem with WMR is they work “most of the time”…. All I need is one single no tracking moment to put me off. This oops no tracking moment destroys immersion. No, inside out tracking is not ready yet for prime time.

    • Veron

      It works ALL the time.

      • JJ

        Nope it does not work ALL of the time. I work with many companies setting up booths for trade shows and events that use VR. So we have spent a lot of time working with all headsets to achieve the best experience and the WMR headsets are GREAT for easy set up and light transport which is a must BUT they do not work ALL of the time by far.

      • Sh1neSp4rk

        Well that’s just simply not the case, that said the oculus and vive don’t work all the time either.

  • Haha I resisted when it was $150, but you just had to share that coupon code. Just bought one

    • daveinpublic

      How is it?

      • My PC has been acting weird with it but I’m confident it’s my computer and not the headset, cause there was one time I was able to get it to work flawlessly. For some reason my CPU jumps to 100% usage when I start the WMR app. So I need to figure that out. Actually if anyone here has dealt with this it would be great to get input.

        But other than that I like it a lot. I had the Rift for a bit and honestly this is a better HMD to me. Easy to set up and the display is clear and bright. I mean I miss the rift controllers but these ones are good enough, and you can set them down easier too. I like being able to use my own headphones and it’s just such a great value at this price.

  • Kevin R

    Looks like I missed the deal. Price is now at 205.99
    Oh well… I’ll wait for the next round.

  • Stephen Hartt

    They are up to $206 now. Refurbished. I would try it at $135, not 185

  • It appears they have raised the price to $205 for refurbished WMR HMD & Controllers.

  • Greylock3491

    Had to send my $135 Acer refurb headset back – I didn’t even try to power it up as the headset would not stay flipped up. Weird they would send out a unit with such a physical defect.