Sony might not have spent much time focused on PSVR at their E3 2018 presentation last night but the company has brought a heaping helping of VR games for attendees to try at the PlayStation E3 booth this week. Here’s what we’ll see.

Confirmed through the PlayStation Experience app, where attendees can book slots to try any one of the 14 demos, here’s what’s in store:

We’ll be going hands on with a handful of these titles this week—which are you most looking forward to?

Also check out the newest games announced for the platform:

Stay tuned for more from E3 2018!

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  • impurekind

    Very solid list of games there.

  • thatguy

    Not that great of a list. SPT and vacation simulator are old and rehashes of now outdated game play and mechanics. The only good one is beat saber and oh yeah thats already out and just a conversion.

  • Luke

    please do a similar article also for Oculus/Vive games!

    • benz145

      Oculus and HTC don’t have booths at E3 this year unfortunately.

  • verk15

    Nothing really stands out…. Firewall looks good.. I have Beat Saber already for my rift and got bored of it really quick. we need more Resident Evil or COD/BF type FPS games, these FPS’s don’t look great. Man Sony really missed a great opportunity here.

  • MatBrady

    Whatever happened to Golem??…

    • benz145

      Great question, it is notably absent from E3 this year. I think they don’t want to release until they feel like it’s truly fun and ready, which is a good thing!

      • MatBrady

        I hope you’re right. The Golem trailer was released on Dec 5, 2015.
        With not even a peep at this year’s E3, a whole three years later, I suspect it’s in development hell.

  • MarquisDeSang

    Nothing to write home about. Is VR already dead on PSVR? Let’s focus on the platform that can actually succeed : Oculus Go

  • PJ

    The lack of VR in general was very disapointing at E3, oculus only showed Stormland, ok it still blew me away but it’s the only thing they showed, nothing at all from Microsoft, Bethesda’s VR showing was pitiful, but maybe I was expecting too much after the last 12 months from them, fair play to Sony, but I was expecting them to really push the PSVR.

    As a VR enthusiast I was expecting so much more from E3 this year.

    • Master E

      Me too! I can only hope they are all focusing their efforts on next gen consoles and VR HMDs … the fact that some tech has already touched upon higher resolution, Foveated rendering, and wider FoV, I can only hope they are simply taking this time to prep for the next big leap where it all comes together.

      I have to remind myself developers for VR are still figuring it out, seeing what works well and what doesn’t, and that they are taking a step back in visuals because of hardware limitations. Though i see the gap on VRs limitations visually seems to be gradually closing. AAA titles are usually in development for 5 years or longer and given VR presents a whole new difficulty in development we really havent had the time, let alone perfected techniques and playability to see the games we want just yet.

  • Merm

    Firewall looks/sounds amazing!

  • Sven Viking

    I’m most interested in the games we know the least about. E.g. is The Tetris Effect just Tetris with impressive backgrounds, or is there some gameplay twist such as needing to move the blocks in beat with the music?

    • benz145

      It’s Tetris with reactive visuals and music, with several game modes for people really serious about Tetris. Doesn’t appear to have any standout VR qualities unfortunately, except for “more immersion.”

  • oompah

    TES is not there

  • Sandeep Banerjee

    Was really expecting atleast one big AAA title for PSVR at E3. Something like an old Fallout or Bioshock atleast.

  • kool

    There are way more games otw Sony should have stepped in and helped get more games exposed at e3.

  • LowRezSkyline

    Great, when is Space Pirate Trainer available for PSVR? How about a hands-on and/or comparison to the Vive version?

  • V Z

    Who gives a shit about PSVR? Consoles are for peasants.

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    Sony patented what seems like next gen controller so I’m surprised they’re not pushing VR harder.