Amazon’s US store is either the first, or the only retailer currently to offer the Oculus Rift for its Black Friday-reduced price of $350, a $50 discount off the now normal MSRP of $400. The deal is also eligible for fast & free shipping via Prime.

The discount doesn’t appear to be an Amazon daily deal, possibly meaning it will last a little while longer than a day, although knowing Amazon, the deal could disappear in a heartbeat either way.

The deal isn’t currently available through the usual suspects like Newegg, Microsoft Store, Best Buy, or even Oculus’ official site, but we’ll update as the situation changes.

Photo by Road to VR

What’s in the Box

  • 6 free titles, including: Robo Recall, Luckyʼs Tale, Quill, Medium, Dead and Buried, and Toybox (digital downloads)
  • Oculus Touch controllers (2)
  • Oculus Sensors (2)
  • Oculus Rift headset

Other Seasonal Deals

Sony has also slashed the price of their cheapest PSVR bundle to $200, the Gran Turismo Sport hardware bundle that includes the PSVR headset, PS Camera and a copy of the game.

Along with what amounts to the best PSVR price we’ve seen yet, the company also brought back Black Friday sale prices to both the Skyrim VR and the DOOM VFR bundles, priced at $350 and $300 respectively. Both bundles include the updated PSVR headset.

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  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Vive who? Common Vive you need better controller if you want to survive and not go down the Mixed reality drain. Have you noticed that no one is talking about MS VR? It’s Oculus or die.

  • daveinpublic

    Hmmm… this is making me consider buying one even though I don’t have a PC powerful enough, yet.

  • Reuben Ahmed

    It’s at $399 when I click that link, so much for a 1 day deal.

  • The Bard

    For a few days Odyssey+ was for 229$ on Amazon, including 2 controllers. It has an OLED panel, not LCD panel. Has visibly higher resolulution than Rift S – 2880×1600 vs. 2880×1440, no screen-door effect, built-in AKG headphones. I see no point to buy Rift S at all. Rift S is like cheap WMR Lenovo or Asus. Worse in every aspect. What’s more. On Odyssey+ or any WMR goggles, you can play ALL Oculus Store games you buy, like you would play on Rift S :) Rift S is basically much lower low spec headstet for 150%-200% price of Odyssey+. I am looking forward to Odyssey 2 Samsung might release very soon, in the coming months. In June 2019 they announces to release several VR/AR devices soon. Black Friday 2019 looks like depot cleaning from Odyssey+. I use Odyssey+ since over 1 year now. It is the first VR headset worth buying to me. I worked for a decade in big game studio producing AAA-class games. I will not mention which one. I had Oculus Rift on my desk for years before others could buy it. It was good at that time, but I did not buy it as it was too weak technology still. Rift S is just a worse, much worse version of Odyssey+. Not worth buying. If somebody wants mobile VR and sometimes connect it to PC, then Quest is some kind of option, but still, it can’t be compared to 90 Hz Odyssey+.
    If Odyssey+ would be sold for 700 USD I would not write about it, but for 229$ (Amazon few days ago) up too 500 USD is the best option for this moment. Yes, there is Valve Index for 1000$, but that one has LCD unfortunately and need to install base stations (sure, can be done permanently). Index is some kind of option, but expensive and 4 times more expensive than O+.