‘ARKTIKA.1’ Devs Detail Game’s Deadly Weaponry

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ARKTIKA.1 is an anticipated Oculus Rift exclusive coming from renowned developer 4A Games, the studio behind the Metro series. In a new video, the developers explore some of Arktika.1’s diverse arsenal, including a particularly cool gun that can shoot around corners.

Arktika.1 is shaping up to be a rather beautiful looking VR shooter.  Significant attention to detail has been paid to the game’s weapons which sport unique functionality and somehow rather beautiful designs. Each weapon is also customizable with attachments that modify their behavior, and players can even give the guns custom paint jobs.

In a new video, Artika.1 developer Andrii Krasavin explores three of the game’s guns: the ‘Minotaur’ revolver, which can fire in single or double-action modes and reloads with a sideways flick of the wrist; the ‘Carver’ electromagnetic smart pistol, which can target enemies behind cover, allowing the player to arch the bullet’s trajectory; and the ‘Taipan’ plasma gun, a short range shotgun-like with breach-action chamber that reloads with a downward flick of the wrist. Krasavin also shows how the player can add a little guns-slinging flair into the mix by tossing the weapons about—just be sure not to drop them in the heat of combat.

In our hands-on with the game earlier this year, we found the Carver to be particularly satisfying, with well crafted sound effects and visuals making the weapon feel very unique and powerful.

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Despite their detail, the three weapons featured in the video are just a fraction of the game’s full arsenal. You can see more of the weapons in action in a video showing 25 minutes of Arktika.1 gameplay released back at the end of February.

Arktika.1 launches on the Oculus Rift in Q3 2017.

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  • burzum

    It looks good but teleport to fixed points, Oculus walled garden exclusive and probably a playtime of 2-4h for 60€ won’t get me to buy it… I hope Bethesda isn’t going to screw up Fallout and Skyrim VR. I want finally some games with a long playtime or high replay value that aren’t wave shooters. There has been great moments but I start to regret that I’ve pre-ordered the Rift. There is still a lack of really great games. :( Suggestions for good games I haven’t played yet are welcome. :)

    • Mane Vr

      Well knowing what u have played would help and also if u get sick in vr. But i have to say i jave not been impressed with most of vr games mostly because devs are afraid to make people sick so those who don’t get sick are bored cause the games are too slow

      • Raphael

        Yes, seems to be non-stop talk from people about games making them sick and they often preface with “I don’t normally suffer from it but xxxx game made me ill”.

        It’s the downside of VR becoming much more accessible.

        I think the “comfort” games are much more oculus than vive now.

        • Mane Vr

          They r going more and more away from the comfortable game they (from what i hear) are starting to recommend devs push the locomotion comfort more. Vive has been far more focus on teleporting in games and slowly coming around

      • burzum

        See my post above. I’m not getting sick very quick. Only games with no cockpit or cockpit like HUD and strafe make me really quick sick. Everything else works just fine.

        There are really not much longer and polished VR games yet. :( One thing that would be awesome would be a Rainbow 6 Ravenshield clone but in VR. You could even use your hands to give your AI team mates commands… Ahh the possibilities! ;)

        I’m sick of the tiny games and the 1000th waveshooter. Space Pirate Trainer? Refunded it, had enough of it after 1h and it was not worth the money IMHO. There was a boxing game, looked good, terrible unpolished machanics, refunded it. I think they both were around ~15 or 20€. There is this Racket NX for 20€ – make 5 or maybe 10 and I’ll buy it. There are so many bad and / or simple but expensive VR titles out now that I’m really carefully in what I buy.

        • Mane Vr

          The serious sam games not the wave base one r a ton of fun raw data after adding full locomotion is ok

    • Walextheone

      Don’t know if you are trolling or not (sounds like you are looking to discredit) but latetely most really good VR games are rather 29-39€ and 6-10+ hours.
      If you are really looking for replay value, you should instead look into genres as sports and sim games, because storytelling is still a bit to costly.

      • burzum

        I’m not trolling. The game I liked the most in VR is Arizona Sunshine even if the games assets and graphics could be better. Playing it again since they added free locomotion. I also play DCS a lot in VR and love it. :) But I already owned DCS before VR was available. Robo Recall is very polished but pretty short and the reply value is not thaaaat high for me, especially because you have to go through the annoying Odin sequences every time and can’t skip them. Subnautica is awesome in VR! Seems to be a longer game as well but I’m waiting for it to leave early access before continue playing it. The Solus Project is another game that was completely worth it’s money. QuiVR is also awesome, even the fact it’s still in early access but it makes good progress and the dev is pretty responsive and it’s going to get procedural levels (already in a beta branch available).

    • Andrew McEvoy

      Im enjoying Dead effect 2 vr at the moment, plus Mages tale. Check them out. I think Payday2 is soon to be vr enabled also. Should be a laugh. Re Fallout I clocked up 200+ hours i vr using Vorpx which isnt true vr at all but was still absolutely sensational. So dont worry :)

    • Andy McEvoy

      Oh and check out Lone Echo. It’s sensational! Seriously.