Beat Saber (2018) players on PC have a certain luxury of choice that their PSVR and Quest-owning counterparts simply don’t: easy access to user-created mods that indefinitely expand the game’s number of playable tracks, and now, an official level editor so you can easily make your own maps with your own music. Now, Beat Games says their new custom beatmap builder will also support Quest moving forward.

The studio released word yesterday via a tweet, stating that the ability to add custom levels would come in “one of the future updates.” There’s still no launch date, although Beat Games says they’re just now working on it.

Additionally, the studio says Quest users will make custom levels using a PC-based level editor, presumably the very same the studio just added to their PC VR client, a 2D software that allows you to build maps outside of the headset using your own music.

New 'Beat Saber' Music Pack Coming June 10th

Late last week we reported on a modder that managed to port in custom beatmaps to the Quest version, which at the time seemed like the genesis of a singular home-grown solution. Now it appears Beat Games is taking a proactive approach by owning that process themselves on Quest.

This largely makes sense from a platform perspective, as Oculus hasn’t been as cagey as Sony when it comes to allowing players to bring their own music, something that has prevented Beat Games from pursuing a similar level editor on PSVR.

We’re hoping to learn more about both unofficial mods and the official level editor coming to Beat Saber on Quest in the near future. As always, we’ll keep you updated, so check back soon.

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  • jj

    Correct me if im wrong, but isn’t this just levels for their original soundtrack, which you cant even share, just build and use on your own? Thats pretty lame compared to complete custom tracks,

    • ComfyWolf

      Their tweet and replies sounds like they mean using custom songs. You use the PC level editor to create them, and the level editor has support for imported songs.

    • DanDei

      I guess they need to tread very carefully with the support of custom songs because technically what beatsaver and other map sites do is sharing copyrighted music. And we all know how the music industry feels about that. So there are probably lawyers in sniping positions just waiting for them to make a wrong move.

      • Smokey_the_Bear

        If you paid for a song, and it’s on your pc, you have the legal right to put it in this game, because you purchased it. Nothing illegal about that.

  • Simple O’Rourke

    Is this game really worth the $30? My daughter wants me to buy it for her.

    • securitywyrm

      Beat Saber is the “essential” VR game. It runs perfectly, takes 30 seconds to learn and forever to master.

    • Downvote King

      Yes. Don’t tell them but I’d pay double and think it’s fair. Especially with this support for custom songs. Also the reasons @securitywyrm:disqus outlines.

      • deadkat37

        due to the absence of cross-buy, I think we all just did.

        • Downvote King

          Lol, well I’ve got it for PSVR so I’m screwed no matter what.

          EDIT: At least song packs are cross buy on Oculus, not sure about PSVR or Steam

    • DanDei

      My most played VR game by a long shot and the most fun you can have when you have guests.

    • For the fun, yes. For how it is famous, yes. For how it is simple, yes.

      For the development difficulty, no. It is a game whose prototype was made in like 10 days.

  • Downvote King

    “Custom Level Editor Coming to ‘Beat Saber’ on Quest”

    Except it’s not? It is getting support for custom levels but only PC has the level editor still…

    EDIT: repost of original comment that was “detected as spam”, presumably because I formatted it with blockquotes and bold?

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  • Very good news for all quest users… also considering that the game is quite expensive

    • jj

      I agree the base price is steep for only getting a few songs initially

  • moon

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