Oculus Quest—and one of its main launch titles Beat Saber (2018)—has only been out for a week now. A big question until recently was whether users would be able to bring the much beloved mods once only available on PC to the Quest version. This modder found out how:

Brian Tate released a video last week showing off his preliminary work, however the custom songs weren’t properly synced with the corresponding blocks.

Now, Tate has uploaded a new video showing off the custom song ‘Good Life’ by *litmus perfectly matched up to the beat.

In case you were wondering, the Brian Tate behind the Beat Saber Quest mod isn’t the Brian Tate of Ubisoft’s Red Storm studio, game director for VR projects at Ubisoft and creative director behind Star Trek Bridge Crew (2016). That would have been pretty interesting to say the least.

Instead, Tate (the modder) actually seems to know his way around Beat Saber fairly well to say the least. As the site creator of the Beat Saber modding group Beast Saber, Tate curates maps on the site, posts relevant modding news, and has also created his own maps including a rap battle from the Broadway musical Hamilton and ‘Pure Imagination’ featured in the film Ready Player One (2018).

He hasn’t posted instructions just yet on how to get Beat Saber up and running on Quest with custom music and beat maps, although we’ll have our eyes peeled to Beast Saber in the near future where we’re sure to learn more.

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  • Downvote King

    Well that didn’t take long…

    • Smokey_the_Bear

      I believe the Quest will be a huge success. The more they sell, the increase of these types of things. Which is good, beat saber needs real music.

      • Downvote King

        It certainly has the best chance of any headset yet. Aside from PC tethering and a PSVR style headstrap I can’t think of any realistic features they could have fit into a mainstream priced headset to give it a better go. Beat Saber should be one of it’s killer apps, but I do wish there was a developer-supported method of getting access to custom songs, or a Spotify-like feature. I can’t see the average consumer hacking their device like this.

      • blobface

        I own the Vive (pre-ordered the Index) and the Samsung WMR headset, yet I’m finding myself showing people my Quest more than any of the other two recently simply because of the ease of access and lack of faff…

      • Peyton Lind

        It’s a complete game changer for VR. I pity the people who haven’t tried it and trash it because they figure it must be mediocre since it’s powered by a mobile chip. I am one of what seems like many that got a Quest and realized there is no real need for my PC headset going forward. Packed up my CV1 system yesterday and put it in a closet.

        • Trevor Jones

          thats a bit extreme. Commit to your comment and sell your rift since you dont need it.
          Although you can play steamvr games now with alvr https://youtu.be/gtmJInS7RxU

          or pc games with moonlight

          so you are okay, but I stlil love me some high fidelity vr. Both are needed. just life you can own a nintendo switch and a pc . Both are good for different reasons and dont cancel each other out like you are implying.

          • jj

            and thats how you win the console war, just own them all!

          • Trevor Jones

            Funny im reading that book Console wars right now. Sadly as a child I lost the console war flip flopping between systems. For some reason it never occured to me that you could just own both , you HAD to pick a side.

  • Xron

    Great job!
    P.s I have a question, when can we expect The Climb on Oculus quest?


    Wow, now that was fast!

  • rogueCortex

    I love how many people said it’d be impossible, only to be disproven within a week of launch. For such a relatively small group, the VR community seems to be very fast at saying No to things without ever hoping it might be a Yes. (another example that comes to mind is NMS PSVR)

    • Trevor Jones

      Oh man I just pictured playing that streamed wirelessly to the quest. Wow cant wait.

  • ComfyWolf

    This is exactly the news I was waiting for before deciding to get the Quest, I get tired of playing the same songs over and over again in rhythm games so I need custom maps to get a lot of replay value.

  • Craig

    Wow, excellent! I’ve had ‘oculus quest “custom (songs|tracks)”‘ as a google alert for the last month, and had only reddit posts asking about it pop up. Thanks for posting!

  • Peyton Lind

    I’ll be purchasing Beat Saber when it all works well. Until then, no way I’m dropping $30 on 19 mostly mediocre songs that are mainly from the CEO of the company. I wonder if he pays himself a licensing fee to use his own tracks. Given the way that company seems to work, he probably does.

    Brian Tate is a beast and I will have to donate to him when he gets all this working.

  • Lulu Vi Britannia

    Not surprised. There was no reason for it to be impossible.
    I am so excited with the Quest sideloading stuff, as it allows for mods and PC VR streaming thanks to ALVR.