More Hit Songs Come to ‘Beat Saber’ with Surprise Launch of Lady Gaga Music Pack


Continuing a trend of tapping music from some of the world’s most popular artists, Beat Saber today sees the surprise launch of a new Lady Gaga music pack which adds 10 of the pop-star’s songs to the game.

Following DLC music packs from the likes of Skrillex and Billie Eilish, today VR’s hit rhythm game Beat Saber sees the release of a new music pack from Lady Gaga.

Priced at $13 for the complete package, or $2 per song, the music pack brings 10 new tracks to the game, including some of the artist’s most popular tunes. Here’s the full track-list:

  • Alejandro
  • Bad Romance
  • Born This Way
  • Just Dance (feat. Colby O’Donis)
  • Paparazzi
  • Poker Face
  • Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)
  • Stupid Love
  • Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)
  • The Edge of Glory

The Lady Gaga Beat Saber music pack will become available at some point this evening (though exact timing is unclear). It’s confirmed to be coming to all versions of the game, which include Quest, Oculus PC, Steam, and PSVR.

Image courtesy Beat Games

The announcement happened during The Game Awards event this evening; Meta (which owns the studio behind Beat Saber) pulled a similar move back in 2019 when the company surprise-launched the Green Day music pack during the same event.

The new pack brings the total number of official tracks available in the game to 126, with 37 being part of the base game while 89 are available as paid DLC.

A glimpse of the new environment for the Lady Gaga ‘Beat Saber’ music pack | Image courtesy Beat Games

Beat Saber also has a vibrant modding community which also makes countless unofficial tracks (AKA ‘custom songs’) available to the game. Players may have already played some of the tracks from the new Lady Gaga DLC, though the DLC tracks include official beat maps for all difficulties and usually reach a high quality bar (which isn’t always the case among Beat Saber custom songs). The official music pack also includes new environments and effects which act as a backdrop for the new songs.

Update (December 10th, 2021): A prior version of this article reported that the price for the Lady Gata music pack was $10. This has been changed to the correct price of $13.

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  • Ace of Spadеs

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    If the dev thinks this is how their customers look like, do not buy nor play this propaganda game.

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  • Gabriel Cash

    I’d love to see some eighties packs on there but if we must have post-millennial music, Lady Gaga’s not a bad choice. Black Eyed Peas would be better.

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  • Zerofool

    The new pack brings the total number of official tracks available in the game to 136, with 37 being part of the base game while 89 are available as paid DLC.

    37+89=126. What about the remaining 10 tracks? :)

    • benz145

      Whoops, thanks for the correction!

  • Ace of Spadеs

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