Hyperbolic Magnetism, the indie studio behind Beat Saber (2018), today announced that the hit PC VR rhythm game is headed to PlayStation VR headsets later this year.

The Czech Republic-based studio announced PSVR availability via a tweet, which featured a brand new song to the lineup. While Hyperbolic Magnetism is staying mum on a specific release date, musician Jaroslav Beck, who created the music for the game, teased that the PSVR availability announcement may mean at least a new level.


Since the game’s launch on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets in early May, the studio has gone on record saying they’ve generated $2 million is revenue with at least 100,000 units sold—a big milestone both for the two-person studio and VR as a whole. Now with a PSVR launch around the corner, E3 would be a great platform to announce new levels, new songs, or even new artist collaborations.

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The studio has been busy creating its own first-party level builder, which would allow any user to import their own music and build custom levels. Although it’s been officially in-the-making since Hyperbolic Magnetism released last month, the studio has endorsed a few third-party solutions, which has resulted in some pretty wild creations to say the least.

While we’re waiting on further news this during E3, which goes June 12 – 14, check out our Early Access review of Beat Saber.

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  • JJ

    no point in teasing new track, a dozen new tracks are made daily.

    • david vincent

      But will they be available for Beat Saber PSVR too ?

      • JJ

        if they aren’t then it will suck pretty bad. it took me 1 week to get into the top 10 for each song on the breadboards for the original sound track songs