‘Beat Saber’ to Launch in Early Access on May 1st, Developers Tease New Track

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After getting our hands on VR rhythm lightsaber game Beat Saber at GDC 2018 last month, we’ve been looking forward to more information on the game’s release date, which is now confirmed for May 1st. Last week developer Hyperbolic Magnetism revealed a new track, which will launch with the game’s Early Access version.

Update (4/6/18): Hyperbolic Magnetism today told us that the anticipated VR rhythm game Beat Saber is set to release in Early Access on May 1st, and will be available on both Steam and the Oculus Store. The studio says that more details about what will be included in the Early Access launch will be shared the week before the game’s release.

PSVR support hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the studio notes, “we are actively working on other platforms and we will give you more info when we are ready.”

Original Article, Updated (3/30/18): Beat Saber will launch on Steam in Early Access on May 1st. The game’s composer, Jaroslav Beck, last week revealed another one of the game’s 10 confirmed launch tracks, titled Legend. A mixed reality video from LIV.tv shows off the new track while giving a fresh look at the game in third person:

Developer Jan “Split” Ilavsky said last week on Twitter that the new song is “hopefully the last song released before the game release.”

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  • gothicvillas

    Hope there is instrumental version. Tbh this track has put a seed of doubt now .what are the rest tracks then? Give us some crazy beats drumming etc not this silly rapping.

    • benz145

      They’re covering the gamut it seems, try this one : )


    • McGamer

      Your comment almost held a bit of honest input until you decided to get judgmental at the end. Brilliant.

      • jj

        judgmental because he called rap silly? rap is stupid, there now i said it to.

    • Raphael

      I am offering the developer $5000 to keep the rapping and avoid crazy beats drumming etc.

      • James

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  • impurekind

    This game is looking so dope. This guy is likely gonna make a lot of money and it’s all deserved.

  • Olivér Láng

    So will it come to PSVR?

    • Raphael

      It will if you want it to.

  • Raphael

    I love exercise VR games.

    • jj

      lol don’t let jean sabastion see this or he will give you an ear full about sweat in the vive headset. I disagree with jeans opinion on getting it fixed however, these current headsets are NOT made for sweat, so most fitness games right now just go to show how much research these devs have done. At CES vegas there was an actual VR fitness booth, none of the attendants would address the sweat issue. most likely because they were too far along development when they realized what a mistake it was and had to just keep going hoping others wouldn’t notice either.

  • Gato Satanista

    This is the kind of game that when I first play is: “Oh My God, fucking awesome ! I love this game, will play forever!” Then, one week later I never return. Just like happened with Racket NX.

    • Pablo C

      And most VR games for that matter (with few noted exceptions)

      • Flamerate1

        I sadly agree and it’s the main thing that I want fixed with vr.

        I want get addicted to a vr game to the point of putting 800 hours into it like I did with gmod.

        • Pablo C

          Games that have addicted me in VR: Elite dangerous, X Rebirth, Skyrim (all non-vr ports). Edge of nowere to certain extent. I have played a lot of other games quite a bit, but in and out.

  • jj

    It would be cool to use this type of mechanic for a sword fight against an opponent. There are obviously some obstacles to think out but it would be cool if it worked.

  • TheVillasurfer

    I don’t get the hype for this. Lots of games like this already exist. Seemingly though just because this has lightsabers, people are all over it like a rash.

    • benz145

      DDR and similar games were around for a long time before Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but that didn’t stop the latter two from becoming phenomenal hits. This is a rhythm game, but it works a little differently than what else is out there, and so far people have really enjoyed how it plays.

      • TheVillasurfer

        Yeah you’re not wrong, but I’d say that it only plays a ‘little’ bit differently, like you said. It’s pretty much AudioShiled (etc etc etc etc) but with lightsabers. I just find it a little annoying that people jump all over a game because it has a reference from a famous film, rather than realising that many, many games like this already exist.

  • DanDei

    This thing desperately needs a level editor. I really dig the concept, but what I heard of the music so far has been rather terrible.

  • Thor

    May 1st huh? Well done fools.