Beat Saber developer Beat Games (formerly Hyperbolic Magnetism), has confirmed work on a competitive multiplayer mode for the popular rhythm game, which may in the future include custom avatars and sabers.

Beat Saber currently offers global, friend, and local leaderboards for users to compare high scores, but developer Beat Games says that a real-time competitive multiplayer mode is now in the works. The company hired a former community member (‘Umbranoxus’), who was already developing an unofficial multiplayer mod for the game, to spearhead the project.

The studio says that the first multiplayer mode will be “very basic”, allowing players to play the same level together and see who comes out with the top score. It’s expected that more varied multiplayer modes will be offered in the future. We expect the PC and PSVR versions of Beat Saber will both get multiplayer, but probably won’t see cross-play between platforms.

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The initial version of Beat Saber multiplayer will offer default avatars, but the studio says they plan to add custom avatars to the game in the future. Custom sabers are also under consideration for future updates, Beat Games says.

But what of the highly anticipated custom level editor? While it was initially planned to be released shortly after the game’s launch, the studio wrote recently there were large underlying adjustments that needed to be made to the game to support the custom level editor:

On release day, the game in Early Access was working properly, but we were aware of a few smaller issues in code, which needed to be solved. We decided to release Beat Saber anyway.

And it was huge! The community and the whole VR world was amazed by the game and we knew we have to work hard to make it even better. We decided to get back to those problematic parts of the code and rewrite them. Soon realising it would need a whole refactoring of UI and editor code. To be honest, refactoring took us much longer than we expected and it still requires some more work. But the good thing is that from now on, it will be much easier for us to implement new features or deploy updates and make edits. Now we can focus only on a new content.

The level editor continues to be the studio’s top priority, and they say it will launch before the multiplayer mode.

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  • JJ

    you can do all of this with mods ! but its nice theyre integrating it. Now lets all just hope beat saber streaming isnt blocked by youtube like audio shield just got cause thatd be tough.

    • G-man

      it isn’t streaming anything.

      • JJ

        it is if you’re a streamer on twitch or youtube…

        • ?? you said “like audioshield” what does that have to do with being a streamer? Audioshield lost its ability to use YouTube to stream its music. Beatsaber doesnt stream music

          • JJ

            oh i didnt know they were streaming INTO audio shield I thought it was streaming out got it

          • AS used to use soundcloud when it launched and then moved to YouTube as its source. It generates beatamaps using an algorithm. Once someone has played the youtube song, anyone can play it without needing to process. Its why i actually like AS better than Beat Saber: any song on YouTuve + Human made maps are hard work and usually suck when made by amateurs (see Sound Boxing and their lack of maps). Of course AS can always use your local library as a source and plays them instantly without needing to pre-process (since it can read the file directly)
            But yea streaming AS to YouTube always results in tons of copyright claims cause… all that copyright music.

        • G-man

          “lets all just hope beat saber streaming isnt blocked by youtube” beat saber doesnt stream anything.

    • gothicvillas

      Is there a multiplayer mod?

      • JJ

        yes but i havent tried it and doubt its that good.

  • Juan Ritz

    While the initial multiplayer sounds quite simple, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll see you kids in the Saberdome.