Already on Steam Early access, the very pretty online PvP space explorer / dueller Detached from developers Anshar gets a new, official release on May 18th with a sprinkle of new features and a new multiplayer map.

Described by Polish developers Anshar Studios as “probably the most hardcore VR title out there”, Detached is an online space exploration title designed for virtual reality which sports some rather striking visuals.

The setting for the game goes something like this:

Years of warfare and human greed have led to catastrophe. Once-thriving human colonies in the far reaches of the cosmos are today just useless scrap. But to some they are no mere collections of metal. Space scavengers traverse the galaxy in search of spoils. A deserted space station seems like a real treasure for two scavengers looking for loot. Another routine salvage. Everything is going according to plan. Suddenly, system alerts indicate a problem in the cargo area. It turns out that a group of scammers has infiltrated the station and will do anything to seize the its precious cargo. The startup procedure has been initiated… There’s no time for retreat…

The gameplay itself is an intriguing mix of survival adventure, one on one PvP space combat and exploration with some light puzzling thrown in for good measure. As such, Detached offers a somewhat more sandbox-like experience than another title which might draw comparisons, the largely linear, narrative driven ADR1FT from developers Threeonezero.

Players are jettisoned into space with the ability to boost, wield defensive shields and deploy weapons like EMP homing rockets against opponents. All of this is set to a fully orchestrated score by artist Mikołaj Stroiński (The Witcher 3, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter).

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That aforementioned “hardcore” tag may stem primarily from the freedom of movement the title offers the player, with the anti-gravity environments enabling 360 rotation and 6 degrees of freedom for movement. This is likely music to the ears for VR locomotion purists, but may mean the title is tougher to stomach for those of a gentler constitution or with less hours logged in VR.

The title hits Steam VR for its official release on May 18th, and will include a new multiplayer map, German and French localisation and OSVR support. Stay tuned for a review of the title around launch time. In the mean time you can get yourself up to speed with the narrative via the recently released and fetchingly illustrated story trailer below.

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  • Raphael

    Purchased last year. Nice looking and I love the VR control scheme. Very well thought out.

  • psuedonymous

    Sounds very much like Shattered Horizon.