If you missed out on the great PlayStation VR deals around Black Friday, you’re in luck. The very same PSVR sale is back in time for holiday 2018, including the newest PSVR bundle.

Now through December 26th in the US, you can pick up any of the three latest PSVR bundles for $100 off. Here are your choices:

  • Borderlands 2 VR + Beat Saber Bundle – $250 [normally $350]
    • Includes PS Move controllers
  • CREED: Rise to Glory + SUPERHOT VR Bundle – $250 [normally $350]
    • Includes PS Move controllers
  • ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission + Moss Bundle – $200 [normally $300]

While the Astro Bot + Moss bundle is the cheapest, we recommend choosing between the other two bundles because they both include the PS Move controllers for an extra $50, and are almost always more expensive to buy separately new. You will definitely want Move controllers with your headset as some of the PSVR’s top games require them. That said, both Astro Bot and Moss are both definitely still worth your consideration separately.

Where to Buy

Other PlayStation VR Deals for Holiday 2018

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  • Patrick McKee

    Hey Playstation, we hope you actually innovate in the VR space. Don’t hold back this time!!! You know like use old tech that offers a sub par experience, and then over charge for it!!!

    • Multiplataformgamerz

      want more sand with that pussy?

      • Patrick McKee

        Am I wrong have you actually compared and unstand the tech behind everything?

        • Angry Netman

          The tech behind PSVR isn’t bad. It has great ergonomics and OK tracking, and it runs on a cheap playstation instead of a high end gaming PC. All in all, it’s a cheap, usable VR setup for the layperson

          I’m guessing the Oculus Go is going to completely outclass it in every way next year, though

        • Multiplataformgamerz

          late response but yes I do
          I also wish a better tracking system for the next time, but this one made things cheaper and it’s acceptable, I just had to buy 2 used moves for $10 each on ebay.
          Currently PSVR is the cheapest way to have a high tier VR experience, Oculus Go is great, but still on the mobile domains levels of gaming, but it is promising about what could be coming in the next iteration, all wireless high tier VR.

      • Coleco_Vision 3+

    • Andrew Jakobs

      BS, the PSVR is an excellent choice and certainly at this price not overpriced.
      I have the PSVR(v2), a DK2 and we have a vive, and visually the PSVR is excellent, even with it’s lower specs on paper.. And it certainly isn’t a sub par experience, unless you’re a snob.. but then a vive/rift is also a sub par experience or any of the MR headsets..
      The best thing is, it runs on a piece of hardware you can buy for less then $300, with vive/rift, you even need a f-ing GPU that’s at least that price to get any decent results..

      • Patrick McKee

        MR headsets suck atm, the tracking is a joke and the controllers, I jist hipe PSVR’s next version is better is all.

  • Tim55

    This is amazing! I have been planning to buy PS VR and This Holiday I can get that huge discount! So far this Christmas holiday deals are great, Like Yesterday I have found a 88% discount deal on VPN 5 year subscription from PureVPN and now this one!

  • q23main

    Wow, nice software choices in those bundles! Hope it pays out for PSVR!

  • Angry Netman

    Man, I really want to play Borderlands 2 in VR, but the PSVR has a fixed IPD that’s too low for me

    • jj

      yeah i was excited for borderlands until it released and we saw what it really was. just a very basic and cheap port, no real vr aside from head movement