oculus-rift-xbox-one-controllerFrom November 24th to the 28th, purchases of an Oculus Rift headset through Best Buy will be eligible for $100 of Oculus Store credit which can be spent on Rift and Gear VR games and apps.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, prospective VR adopters will see the first discounts on newly launched headsets. In addition to HTC’s own $100 Vive discount and app sales, Oculus is including $100 of store credit with purchases of an Oculus Rift headset at Best Buy, from November 24th to the 28th, “while supplies last”. According to Microsoft’s Black Friday deal preview page, it looks like they’re planning to offer the same.

Update (11/22/16, 9:02AM): Oculus has confirmed that the $100 store credit deal will be available in the US and Canada from Best Buy, Amazon, and Microsoft, and at GAME in the UK, Saturn in Germany, and FNAC in France.

Unfortunately the credit only applies to digital content, so cannot be redeemed for cash or put towards the new Touch controllers. Also, the credits must be used before December 31st, but thankfully there is plenty of great VR content to invest in immediately, and it gives owners enough time to consider some of the designed-for-Touch launch content too. There is a small selection of other free software on the Oculus Store (Lucky’s Tale is still free, though Rift headsets no longer come with Eve Valkyrie), but the $100 credit will certainly help to get the most out of their new device over the holidays.

The First $100 You Should Spend on Oculus Rift Games

Oculus also teased “a few Black Friday surprises on the Oculus Store”, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re in the market for some fresh VR games.

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  • Foreign Devil

    I bought my Rift from Best Buy 2 weeks ago with their promise that I would be refunded any price difference should they have a Black Friday sale. I wonder if they will tell me this kind of Oculus store credit doesn’t count and not give it to me. I’m gonna try but I’m guessing they will deny me. Should have waited to buy I guess.

    • George Vieira IV

      You should be within holiday return policy. What you will have to do is re-buy the product on black friday during the sale, and return it with the old receipt, since they won’t just price match black friday deals as they are often quantity limited.

  • DiGiCT Ltd

    HTC offer is better IMO, they sell the HMD $100 off, its sounds still more expensive as rift but if you add the touch to it it will be much more expensive.
    The HMD is the killing price for both of them, not the apps prices as there is also a lot of free content to start with to enjoy VR in the beginning for newcomers.

    • Foreign Devil

      Yeah if it was an actual $100 discount I could get refunded that amount. But store credit. . Don’t think best Buy will just give me store credit on my already purchased Rift.

    • Agreed, Rift should change this, because as-is anyone looking at both is going to go with the Vive. Even though I already own the Rift I refuse to make any major purchases in the Oculus store because I want to know I have a reasonable chance of using the apps in the future with other headsets and controllers – so I buy on Steam instead.

      • DiGiCT Ltd

        Thats a good thing you mention and you are doing +1
        The problem is they wont lower the price as they mentioned they sell it without profit, not sure its true or not lol. i doubt it.

        • Yeah, based on the fact that HTC has now admitted they are selling the Vive for a profit, I highly doubt the consumer Rift isn’t the same. The hardware in the Vive and sensors is at least as expensive as the Rift’s (keeping in mind that both headset+controller combos work out to the same price). The only thing that might factor in HTC’s favor is that they may get better pricing on the screens because of their volume for phone purchases.

          • S@M

            I doubt Facebook doesn’t have some sort of a special deal on Samsung’s screen considering that Facebook and Samsung are partners.

          • Tony Murchison

            I would definitely expect Oculus to boast wildly if they sold their headsets at a profit. Consumers don’t care about profit margins, they care about the best deals – however, investors care a great deal. Oculus selling their headsets at a profit would probably mean a considerable boost to the relevant stock prices.

    • Get Schwifty!

      I think they should go for a $79.00 off (it’s less than the Vive after all) if it’s an instant difference; otherwise the $100 “credit” is a slight bonus.

  • S@M

    I suspect they will have an actual $100 off sale when touch releases next month. Probably when you buy a bundle.

    Right now I agree with what most people here say. Store credit is useless.

  • 3dproducer

    Bought rift during black Friday have not
    received my $100.00 oculus store credit plus getting major run around from bestbuy!!!