Bloober Team and Lionsgate today announced that it’s launching a special Oculus Rift edition of its Blair Witch VR port, which released exclusively on Quest last year. The Rift version is coming to the Oculus Store today with a few new features that make better use of the PC’s increased compute power.

Update (2:30 PM ET): Bloober Team has confirmed with Road to VR that Blair Witch will also be available later this summer on PC, and that it will be released as a standalone title apart from the standard non-VR version, which was released in 2019.

Called Blair Witch: Oculus Rift Edition, the psychological horror game comes to Rift with a few enhancements. The studios says it includes better models, improved lighting, further draw distance, a backpack, and improved AI for your trusty canine companion, Bullet.

There’s no word on when a SteamVR version is set to launch, although considering Oculus has discontinued the Rift product line, we’re hoping to hear more about it soon. Whether it comes as a free update to the PC game on Steam or launches as its own standalone title remains to be seen. We’ve reached out to Bloober for comment and will update this piece when we have word back (see update).

The studio has said however that a PSVR version is coming “later this summer.”

We generally liked the Oculus Quest edition of the game. In our full review, we gave it a ‘Good’ rating of [6.5/10] on our linear scale for its impressive psychological thrills. It was rough around the edges at the time though, and definitely had some momentary jankiness and lower graphical fidelity that broke immersion. If the new trailer is any indication, it seems the studio has ironed out more than a few of those bits.

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In the meantime, you’ll find it on the Oculus Store for Rift for $30 starting today at 10:00 AM ET (local time here).

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  • Twa Corbies

    I’m not sure i would touch anything Blober in VR. Usually not in a mood for puking due to low frame rates, and pacing problems.

    • Gonzax

      I played the Quest version and it was really good. No mention on whether this is crossbuy or not which would be nice.

    • kakek

      You should. I think this is their best work. The port is really better than what quest 2 ports usually are. It was definitively upgraded up to PCVR standard.

      And as a horror game, it’s pretty good ! Really creepy ambiance, some scene are truly scary.
      In the end, it’s still mostly a walking sim. In the sense that you never pick up a weapon and start blasting zombies, and never a really evolved gameplay.
      But there’s still some possibilities of game over, enough to maintain tension.

      If you like horror games I recomend it.

    • John

      Upgrade your potato.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Oh, looking forward to the SteamVR edition.

    • antonio mora

      Most defenitely, the oculus store is way too expensive

  • kakek

    I quite liked the Quest version as well.
    It’s probably the best thing I played by blober team, in fact better than layers of fear. Despite the limited graphics on quest, it managed to provide a few good scares thanks to nice environement and very creepy moments.

    For instance, I enjoyed more than wraith the oblivion as well.

    For people who didn’t play the quest version and like the genre, it’s definitively worth checking out.

  • brandon9271

    be cool if they update the Quest 2 version with assets from the PCVR game

    • kakek

      OK, I played the first 20 minutes, and they did.
      The PC version is not a lazy Quest 2 port with a few filters and basic upscale.
      The textures are high res, with parallax. The models have a lot more polygons. The vegetation is much denser, and looks way better. The new lighting is much better … and everything seems to have been done scene by scene, considering the ambiance, and not just by applying some automatic effect.

      And the end result looks definitively up to PCVR standard. In fact, the forest looks pretty nice even compared to other PC games,

      Definitively recommend, deserve more spotlight.

      • brandon9271

        awesome. I’ll have to check it out