Secret Location’s well-received bullet hell shooter, Blasters of the Universe (2017), is getting a free weekend on Rift in the next few days.

Rift owners will be able to play Blasters of the Universe for free starting on May 3rd at 10:00 AM PT (local time) and going until May 6th at 11:59 PM PT (local time).

Dubbing itself a ‘VR bullet hell’, Blasters of the Universe lets you build your own gun from thousands of combinations, and then tosses you head-first into a literal avalanche of bullets that you have to dodge artfully and block as you madly fire back at the world’s multiple enemy types. Enemies range from fast-moving ground enemies, to flying enemies, to deadly tanks.

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Blasters of the Universe boasts a four-level Campaign, each with their own boss battle. New enemies, new weapon parts and shields all come to you as your progress. There’s also an Endless Mode if you simply want to go for the high score on the leaderboard.

The game comes highly rated too, ranking among users as ‘Very Positive’ on Steam and garnering a touch more than [4/5] stars on the Oculus Store. Yes, it’s essentially a wave shooter at its core, but one of the most polished examples out there with some real personality.

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  • Jistuce

    “literal avalanche of bullets ”
    I think you meant “figurative avalanche”. Maybe even “virtual avalanche”.

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