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Apple Manufacturer Quanta Signs Deal to Mass Produce Lumus AR Display Modules

Quanta, a Fortune 500 company and one of the world's largest original design manufacturers, has signed an agreement to mass produce AR display modules...

Lenovo Reveals AR Headset DaystAR

Lenovo today unveiled at the company's annual Tech World conference a new standalone AR headset dubbed 'daystAR'. Revealed on stage by chief technology officer Yong...

WaveOptics Raises $16M to Create Optics For Small Form-Factor AR Headsets

WaveOptics, a UK-based firm involved in designing and engineering optics for augmented reality, has today announced a successful series B funding round amounting to...

NVIDIA Demonstrates Experimental 16,000Hz AR Display

While virtual reality surely has high performance requirements to maintain a comfortable experience, immersive AR may ultimately require a greater level of performance if...

Avegant Claims Newly Announced Display Tech is “a new method to create light fields”

Avegant, makers of Glyph personal media HMD, are turning their attention to the AR space with what they say is a newly developed light...

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