Pressure Mounts for Xbox’s Missing VR Strategy as PSVR Revenue Nears $2 Billion

VR may still be young, with an install base still small compared to the world of traditional gaming consoles, but it can't be ignored...

Hands-on: Lenovo Mirage Solo – Strong Fundamentals, Questionable Pricing

At CES 2018 last week, Lenovo revealed the Mirage Solo, the company's standalone Daydream headset. The new device has everything on-board, including inside-out positional...

With Facebook’s 💰, Oculus Is Fending off Old Enemies, Former Friends, and New Foes

Blink and you might have missed it—a lot has happened in the VR landscape in the last few months. At Oculus Connect, the company's...

The 3 Biggest Challenges Facing Augmented Reality Today

With the hype surrounding Apple and Google's (admittedly very cool) AR tracking tech now in the hands of tens of millions of developers and...

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