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hardware preview

Hands-on: Go Touch VR’s Haptic Feedback is So Simple You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t...

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are also the smartest. Go Touch VR's approach to VR haptics achieves surprising effectiveness out of small, simple haptic devices...

Hands-on: Reactive Grip Haptic Controller Prototype with Vive Tracker, Touch, and Custom SteamVR Tracking

Tactical Haptics, developers of the Reactive Grip controller, are showing their latest prototypes now with attachments for the Vive Tracker, Oculus Touch, and a...

Hands-on: StrikerVR’s Latest Prototype Haptic Gun Packs More Than Just Virtual Bullets

At GDC 2017 this week we've gone hands-on with the latest prototype of StrikerVR's 'Arena Infinity' haptic VR gun. Built (for now) for the...

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