IRIS VR, the studio behind TECHNOLUST (2016), today announced that its spiritual successor LOW-FI is slated to launch on PlayStation 5 sometime next year.

A successful Kickstarter campaign late last year helped get LOW-FI off the ground, having garnered IRIS VR over $80,000 USD. At the time, it was pitched as a VR-native game intentionally built from the ground-up for PC VR headsets and “next-gen PSVR.”

The game’s developer, Blair Renaud, says that future PS5 owners anyone can pre-order the PC version now, which gives you early access on SteamVR headsets. At the time of this writing the pre-release PC VR version costs $35 CAD (~$26).

And it’s certainly an ambitious undertaking, boasting a massive, non-linear open world, “hundreds” of crimes and stories to solve and explore, branching narratives, and dialogue from what the studio says will be “photo-realistic NPCs.”

While the game’s creator seems fairly certain of LOW-FI’s 2021 launch window, Sony hasn’t actually released word on when a next-gen followup to the PSVR is set to arrive.

We do however know that the current PSVR will be compatible with PS5 when the console launches holiday 2020, so upcoming VR releases for PS5 don’t necessarily indicate any implied time frame for a prospective PSVR 2.

Update (2:00 PM ET): Based off a tweet from Renaud, a previous version of this article made the mistake regarding pre-orders, which are in fact only available for the PC VR. The offending bit has been edited to reflect this.

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  • MountainK1ng


  • Michael Lupton

    Yay, Blair is still alive… he went super dark a while ago.

  • Mucker2002

    Let’s hope PSVR 2 has decent tracking capability. PSVR tracking is a car crash.

    • Adam Broadhurst

      Inside out tracking on a par with the Quest will be a huge improvement

  • Bumpy

    This is my most anticipated game on PC atm.
    I know you can buy into the early access alpha play but that ruins the game imo.
    Looking forward to the final product.

  • gothicvillas

    I really liked their previous game in Dk2, and immediately jumped in to support this too. While the downloaded demo is interesting, it is complete bare bones which makes me worried about their ambitions for 2021

  • Bart Grudzien

    Hopefully he got some Sony money to finish the game.

  • Cienna Tower

    I don’t see it available to pre-order on steam?