Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 (2003) is an hour-long film that expertly blends the electronic music duo’s album Discovery with some pretty striking visuals, courtesy of Japanese anime studio Toei Animation. Now, thanks to a group of fans led by Sydney-based VR developer Jake Donaldson, you can finally jump into the crowd as the interstellar pop band jams away at Daft Punk’s One More Time.

If you’ve never seen Interstella 5555, definitely check it out first before heading into Donaldson’s fan project. Here’s the official playlist on YouTube if you’re curious.

Donaldson’s experience, dubbed Interstella VR, isn’t an exact recreation of the music video, however it does include some of the fun of watching the band to a fully walkable VR experience.

During One More Time, you’re given the ability to teleport and a few powers to mess around with too, such as various fireworks you can shoot from your hands. An overhead monitor also lets you see the band in action, and closeups of each character are cut to match up with how they play out during the music video itself.

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I would’ve liked to have spent less time in the crowd, and instead gotten a little more potent dose of the true action the music video sets up—the dramatic invasion by the military force that kidnaps the band at the end of their set. It is however a free fan experience that manages to replicate the music video’s visuals with a pretty surprising degree of accuracy.

Even if you’re just a bit curious to relive the nostalgia, you should definitely check out this five-minute experience here, which supports your standard SteamVR-compatible headsets.

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