Rift Exclusive ‘Defector’ Launches July 11th, New Gameplay Glimpse Revealed


Oculus has finally revealed the price and release date for Defector, the upcoming Rift exclusive from Oculus Studios and Twisted Pixel. Set for release on July 11th for $20, the game promises to deliver action-movie thrills in VR. Along with the release date reveal, Oculus has offered a brief glimpse of new gameplay.

A new Defector trailer shows what Twisted Pixel hopes to achieve with the game: high octane set-piece action built for VR:

And while the trailer features only the same airplane level that we saw last year, Oculus today also revealed a glimpse of some new gameplay that shows some much more grounded run-and gun action, albeit with some futuristic weaponry and a decidedly satisfying smash:

We’re hoping to see more fun gizmos and gadgets like the blast glove when Defector launches on July 11th. The $20 price tag, however, is a bit of a surprise considering that this is an Oculus Studios title; it suggests that the game isn’t going to be particularly long or replayable.

Oculus notes that Defector offers “branching gameplay so that the outcome of each mission is determined by your choices and actions,” as well as optional objectives which offer unlocks which could change the look and feel of the game.

Twisted Pixel’s first VR title, Wilson’s Heart (2017), delivered a polished an atmospheric experience but came up a bit short in the fun department. We’re excited to see how the studio’s VR talent has evolved since then, and what it comes up with when action is the primary focus.

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  • Niklas Fritzell

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  • JesuSaveSouls

    It really looks cool.I don’t think it will be as open world and explorable as I like but it won’t be like a wave shooter either such as blood and truth.Jesus is my Lord and Savior !

    • MAGA Man

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    Looks like a great VR game.

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  • lloydbeatz

    “Rift Exclusive” = Me happy ReVive exists. ^_^