EVE: Valkyrie (2016), one of the first games to launch on the Oculus Rift (and eventually found its way to PSVR and the HTC Vive), is getting a big price cut.

Eve: Valkyrie is a sci-fi spaceship dogfighting game that debuted on the Rift in 2016. Following that launch, developer CCP Games has put out a number of large expansions increasing the scope of the game, and also brought the title to PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive, with crossplay compatibility across all three headsets. Now, a little more than a year after the game hit its first headset, it’s getting a big 33% price cut, bringing the price on all platforms down $40 permanently, down from the original $60 asking price.

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As a ‘seated’, controller-based game, Valkyrie holds a reasonably good rating of 3.9 on the Oculus store, and just about the same on the Playstation Store. On Steam, the game hasn’t been received as well, holding a ‘Mixed’ review rating, with only 62% of of users giving it a positive grade.

Valkyrie has been praised for its AAA visuals which have held up well even a year after the game’s launch. As one of the most expensive VR games on offer, the $60 price point was a point of contention, especially on Steam, where many of the user reviews reference the price, a surprising number of which specifically recommend a $40 price point.

Now at $40, and including a year’s worth of added content, it’s certainly a more compelling package. It will be interesting to see if the game’s ratings change over time in response to the price cut.

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  • Trooper Gooner

    Needs a better price cut than that to get people on-board

  • George Isaacs

    Steam players are more likely to be disappointed by the lack of HOTAS support, than Playstation and Oculus users who are used to game controller-only games. Thus the disparity in reviews between platforms, I think.

    • Raphael

      Amazing… the game receives constant hostility and misinformation. valkyrie has supported hotas just months after release. Flight response is perfect with my x52 pro.

      • George Isaacs

        If this is true, that info could be handy on the game’s Steam page. Yet, one finds this: “This VR game requires the use of a gamepad.” Some of the reviews appear to confirm this. I have no first hand knowledge of this game, but if the developers won’t confirm your statement, why should I believe you? If what you say is true, then who is at fault for mis-information, when what you say isn’t supported on the game’s own page?

        • Raphael

          How many games do you see on steam that say “hotas” ?
          I haven’t checked but does elite say hotas on store page?

          Eve needs crapbox controller initially. Once you’ve set up hotas you don’t need it.

          • George Isaacs

            Fair point, that games (or the couple I just checked out, including Elite) do not identify HOTAS support. If enough anecdotal accounts point to lack of support (or difficulty of setup) for flight sticks and the like, the devs should come out in front of this issue, provided they aren’t prevented from doing so. If this is a Steam issue, it should change. What you describe as “mis-information” is more people having different experiences and reporting on them. The more negative ones are going to have more of an effect on potential buyers. This issue is still likely to be bigger on Steam than on platforms where traditional game pads are favored.

          • Raphael

            Misinformation isn’t just about the hotas. People telling other people not to buy eve because “elite is better”. Quite a few muppets think eve is “trying” to be elite. The only relevant comparison between elite and Valkyrie is Elite’s defunct Arena module.

  • Raphael

    It’s a lot of fun. Some of the best combat dogfighting i’ve had in vr. Hotas support and free updates. Sad to see one of the big AAA devs who supported consumer vr from day one have their game trashed by muppets who think:

    1: it’s too expensive… Well go and buy one of those vr games that’s over in 60 minutes. Valkyrie has no end and receives new content free.

    2: “Elite is better” – ummm…valkyrie isn’t trying to compete with elite. The capture the flag and deathmatch modes should give you a clue there. Elite is great for a space sim with slower paced combat. Valkyrie is fast paced arena combat.

  • theonlyrealconan

    PC players have more options and can afford to be more picky. This games limitations are numerous and we have better options.

    With that being said, I might try it when it comes down to $30. Maybe. I just don’t see the need to play it while I have ED (which does most things better).