We scrounged, scraped, and combed for every single Morpheus game currently demoing in Sony’s booth at E3 2015 in Los Angeles. Here’s our complete list, coming to 17 impressively varied VR demos for the PlayStation 4.

Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo, the newest installment of Ubisoft’s death-defying, impossible jump-making madfest is currently only on offer as a limited demo at E3. With a little luck, (and dramamine for motion sickness) the VR mode will make it to the final release, allowing for some serious online multiplayer mode.

The London Heist

sony moprheus 2015 gdc the heist demo (1)

Sony’s London Studio first showed The London Heist back at GDC in March, presenting it alongside The Deep and VR Luge. We had a hands on with the prototype demo in March, an intimidating encounter with an English gangster and a shootout with few very unlucky guards—all in effort to steal a precious diamond. The new E3 2015 demo features a high speed car share with the player wielding a machine pistol.

Summer Lesson

Developed by the team behind Bandai Namco‘s Tekken franchise, Summer Lesson is something of a new generation of Japanese dating sims. “What do you do in Summer Lesson anyway?” you might ask. By the looks of it, you sit back, relax and wait for the eventual extinction of our species with your new VR girlfriend.

SEGA feat. Hatsune Miku Project ‘VR Tech Demo’


SEGA announced via their Japanese website that Hatsune Miku, the celebrated computer generated personality, would be getting a new VR home. According to a translation of the news by MikuFan, the tech demo features a VR concert with none other than the digitally synthesized personality herself.

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Harmonix Music VR

Harmonix, the studio that brought you the RockBand franchise calls their new Morpheus demo a “trippy music virtualizer” and from the video posted on their twitter feed, the crazy color scheme and geometric entities jumping to the beat confirm just that. No word on if the studio plans on adding any gameplay elements to the demo, or if they’re just dipping a toe in for future projects.

The Playroom VR

the playroom vr

Although no video has yet been released of The Playroom VR, Sony has leaked a few photos of the project hailing from Sony’s Japan Studio. The game features the same cute little robot figures from previously shown tech demos Magic Controller and Bedroom Robots.

Futuridium VR

From Mixedbag Games, Futuridium is a first-person “psychedelic retro inspired shoot’em up with a modern twist, that blends together frantic action, puzzle elements, a vibrant low poly aesthetic and a heart pumping electronic soundtrack.”


From the KOKOROMI Collective and POLYTRON comes SuperHyperCube, a style-packed first-person puzzler that started its initial development back in 2008. The team got inspiration for their game from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Blade Runner (1982) and Xanadu (1980) to name a few.


Godling from Solfar Studios is a first-person game where you take the form of a toddler-god with awe-inspiring powers that let you to grow and improve the world. Watch out though, because with great power comes great responsibility, and your powers could create problems of their own.

Rigs: MCL

Rigs from Guerrilla Games Cambridge seems to be an attempt by Sony to jump into the world of VR E-sports, showing some mech shooter action replete with live commentary as a backdrop to what is obviously competitive gameplay. Rigs appears to be a Morpheus-exclusive title, pitting teams of four against one another in speedy combat mechs.

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Rebellion is rebooting the Atari classic arcade game Battlezone (1980) in their eponymous title, which promises to “capture the same revolutionary thrill of the original Battlezone for a whole new generation of gamers.” Rebellion acquired the IP in 2013 when Atari sold it off, among many others, at an auction. Rebellion also holds the Moonbase Commander franchise IP.


Headmaster, an exclusive title for Morpheus from Frame Interactive, is a game where you head a variety of bouncing, exploding, and high-flying footballs. But because you’re a poor performer (naturally), your club has relegated you to “The Football Improvement Center.” Headmaster looks challenging as it is whimsical, because hey—what other game lets you blow up stuff on a football pitch?

Wayward Sky

Wayward Sky from Uber Entertainment is a third-person single player puzzle adventure game. As Bess, a pilot flying with her father, you find a mysterious castle fortress in the sky. Your father is kidnapped and it’s your job to scour the ship to find your kidnapped father. Wayward Sky has also appeared on Samsung’s Gear VR mobile headset.

World War Toons

From Reload Studios, World War Toons is a cartoony multiplayer FPS and tank combat game that boasts a number of classes to choose from. An early version was shown previously at the VRLA spring Expo in March, and according to Reload, the game will be “developed for major VR headsets and traditional non-VR platforms.”

Eve Valkyrie

Eve Valkyrie comes to us from CCP Games, makers of Eve Online and the company’s free-to-play FPS Dust 541. We had a chance to play the multiplayer dogfighting shooter back at Eve Fanfest 2015, and we’ll be eager to see how the Morpheus version stacks up to the Oculus Crescent Bay version. Make note that the video above is not of Morpheus specific gameplay, but only a general pre-Alpha version they showed both at Fanfest and E3.

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The Deep

the deep sony morpheus

Coming out of Sony’s London StudioThe Deep is an underwater adventure that has you up close and personal with some very friendly sharks that want to just play with your dismembered body. Debuting with Sony Morpheus’ initial reveal back during GDC 2014, the game has been evolving with the headset, and had seemingly been elevated out of technical demo status into something more expansive for E3.

Kitchen ‘Tech Demo’Kitchen_E3_1

Kitchen Tech Demo was created by Capcom sets the tone with a disturbing kitchen for an unsettling backdrop where “a tense scenario that draws players into a hyper-realistic virtual world like never before.” Capcom is calling the demo “just a sample of the next level benchmark of gameplay that the company has in the works.”

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  • seanlumly

    This is seriously a great line up! I really want to get more information on Kitchen. Shuhei Yoshida (in an interview with Engadget) mentioned that it was his favourite, which is a glowing endorsement as he is a serious gamer. He also really liked RIGS, which seems like a very polished action shooter that sounds incredibly fun!

    I will definitely own Eve Valkyrie, Battlezone, Trackmania as well, and will check the others out for possible purchase. I simply cannot wait!

  • seanlumly

    Oh, and if The Deep is an underwater puzzle-suspense/horror game with a solid story (think: PT), sign me up. Seriously. This is precisely the type of game that I feel will set VR apart as a medium crafting true “role-playing” experiences that will be memorable. It will be like taking part in a movie. Yes please!