‘Fallout 4 VR’ Launching This October for HTC Vive, Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer


Bethesda’s E3 keynote has seen a number of announcements including a new Fallout 4 VR trailer that gives the first public glimpse of VR gameplay in the Wasteland. The company has also revealed that the game will launch in October.

When we tried out an early version of Fallout 4 VR at last year’s E3, it wasn’t apparent just how the studio would retrofit the open world game to VR headsets. There were still plenty of questions about final locomotion style, inventory management and simple things like placing the game’s crafting items. Critically, there was also no ‘V.A.T.S.’ a satisfying slow-motion combat mechanic that has defined the Fallout franchise in recent years.

While only a quick glimpse, the trailer (heading this article) seems to show that the devs have scraped the previous teleportation mechanic in favor of a smooth, forward movement, though this could perhaps be one of several locomotion options. Inventory hasn’t been entirely revealed, but since the game’s ‘Pipboy’ wrist-mounted computer also acts as an inventory management device in the previous non-VR version, it stands to reason the VR Pipboy will too.

The trailer makes heavy emphasis of the crafting/base building mechanic for which Fallout 4 has become so well known, letting you select items by browsing through a hand-mounted UI, and place them easily through natural hand motions.

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There’s still no info on how Fallout 4 VR’s V.A.T.S. will work, though Bethesda teases on Twitter that “VATS = another level,” suggesting a complete redesign of the stylized slow-motion targeting system for VR.

Bethesda has confirmed that Fallout 4 VR will launch on the HTC Vive in October 2017. While most Vive games are built on Valve’s OpenVR and technically support the Rift too, it’s unclear if the game will actively block Rift support via OpenVR due to Bethesda parent company Zenimax’s unpleasant history with Oculus.

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  • Tommel

    Oh nooo, I have a Oculus Rift and I won’t be able to play this game? This makes me sad.

    • MasterElwood

      there will be a patch for the RIFT on day one. dont worry.

    • Martin L

      Because it is getting released on Steam, it should work with the Rift out of the gate. Only if they intentionally add some code to block the Rift, then we’d need to wait until it gets modded for the Rift, but that should take not much time nowadays.

      So hyped about FO4 VR! Can’t wait to get my hands on this game!

    • Buddydudeguy

      What makes you think you won’t be able to play it? DO you do any research on your expensive tech? Rift supports OpenVR. ie: SteamVR.

      • Tommel

        Did you actually read the article? They were talking about actively blocking the Rift support. Maybe you should first read an article before commenting.

        • Buddydudeguy

          I must have missed that part. And I don’t regret it. That’s a load of crap.

        • Duane Locsin

          Why did you get the Rift instead of the Vive?

          • ✨EnkrowX✨

            Is there a problem with buying the rift over the vive?

          • Jason Mercieca

            Well there is np really, so as long as you dont care for roomscale tracking that is, for me roomscale tracking is a must, and vive does it so much better than the rift, but thats all…

          • Tommel

            I had my reasons. Among them the touch controllers, the style and quality as well as the fact that they now do also support room scaling which works really well. But I am not continuing the Vive/Oculus bashing here. I am too old for this. We all spent a shit ton of money on our systems and now we have to worry about exclusive releases all the time. I find this really stupid.

  • VRgameDevGirl


    • Get Schwifty!

      I realize it’s costly, but I think making VR retrofits of a number of AAA games is a very good way to help push VR…. there are too many people who currently look at VR, see the cost and lack of content and smugly sit back and say “I will wait for gen-2 or gen-3” while looking at the early adopters as though they are foolish for buying in. Retrofitted AAA games would push a lot of people in I believe.

      • Tyler Soward

        Totally agree – would love to see more AAA ports to VR – Doom 3 BFG blew my mind on Vive

      • Firestorm185

        Yeah! Another reason I thought the Half Life 2 VR mod getting greenlit was a pretty huge deal.

  • Sam Illingworth

    Will existing saves work, that’s the question! In fact, is it going to be an update to the existing game or a new entry in my Library (so would I have to buy the DLC again, for example)?

    • Gerald Terveen

      expect a new game – and a full price one at that. but don’t complain, because this will be more work than it seems and the market is tiny!

      • Sam Illingworth

        Work on the engine and the mechanics, not on the content. I’m happy to pay for it, but I don’t think we should have to pay for the DLC again.

        Save compatibility is the more important question for me though.

        • Get Schwifty!

          Yeah,,,, about that…. I wouldn’t get my hopes too high on that one myself. Besides, playing through again in VR…. seems like fun to me and a really good excuse to play through it all again.

          • M Rob

            I agree. I stopped playing the normal Fallout 4 as soon as I heard this was coming out even though I had done 70% of the game. I’m looking forward to starting again in VR.

          • Sam Illingworth

            Yeah, I know – I’m undecided on whether I’d like to start from scratch or loaf my save. On the one hand I’m quite invested in my character and settlements, on the other hand there’d be some ace bits to experience in VR, like the moment the BoS ship arrives. I’d just like the choice. I don’t see why it would be a problem from a technological perspective – it’s like like the world or quest structure will have changed is it?

          • AndyP

            If I’m paying for it again at $60 – which I’m happy to for full VR open world at long last – I want to start from scratch and have the full experience.

        • Gerald Terveen

          That is what people think – but it is not true! The early Skyrim VR mods made some trickery going on very visible. The mountains felt like little hills of sand – on the monitor that trickery was not perceived due to the lack of scale perception … but once you put on VR googles it became obvious.

          Now that is not just an engine problem – that can very well be a content problem where models have to be recreated.

          They might not have to recreate everything – but they will have to fix a lot of scale issues and they have to find and identify them first. All for an audience that is a tiny fraction of the original audience!

          • Sam Illingworth

            Ah, that would indeed make it a much bigger job, which would justify the price, and makes cross-save unlikely. Oh well!

          • Gerald Terveen

            I don’t think it will make cross-save less likely – though I am not sure they will work on that feature to begin with.

  • ShiftyInc

    This doesn’t look exciting at all. seems like there has been very little work put into it.

    • Me

      Well, I think there is, but it’s not that visible: a lot of optimization to keep the game decent looking while running at 90 fps, a lot of game balancing based on the new control scheme. Not very sexy but it’s really a lot of work.

    • Get Schwifty!

      I think you need to imagine Fallout 4 in full 3-D wrapped around your field of view…. how can you not get excited if you like Fallout ? This will blow everything else away currently for immersion, even the current star Arizona Sunshine…

      • ipollute

        Dead effect 2 vr blew my mind.

      • Firestorm185

        It does look pretty amazing! Would have liked to see some hand models though.

      • yag

        I can’t wait, even if it’s a bad Fallout game and a poor RPG, it’s still a fantastic exploration game.

    • Doctor Bambi

      I see how you reached that conclusion. I’m sure a TON of work has gone into this game. Even things as simple as collision with the environment more than likely needed to be carefully redesigned.

      I was very much expecting a full on gameplay demonstration during the conference so I’m super disappointed all we got was a 1:30 tease reel. I thought this would have been the perfect chance for them to dive into the details and show what made the VR version so special and new.

      • ShiftyInc

        Yeah exactly. They showed the bare minimum and that was sad to see. I am sure it took a lot of tweaking to make it happen in VR, but would have been nice if they showed a lot more then just the floating pipboy and a vive wand to say, see it’s vr. Little bit more in-depth would have been nice, especially if you have to fork another $50 for it.

  • George Vieira IV

    I wonder how sick I’m gonna get playing it :P

  • Buddydudeguy

    The worst part will be seeing references to the stupid Vive wands, playing on Rift. Ya, ya I know, it only says Vive, but you know Rift will work fine. But for them to design in it 100% around the Vive and make constant references to the VIve wands….I will probably be skipping this. Way to go Bethesda. You are ignoring( at least) half a million players.

  • Gabriel Alexandre

    No PS VR support?

  • David Herrington

    So there is a lot of negative comments here. Just keep in mind there hasn’t been any official word on Oculus support. Secondly, realize this is one of the first games from a AAA company to come to PC and that Bethesda has spent a LOT of resources making this instead of a conventional flat screen Fallout 5. Everyone should be super happy for it and hope that it does well.

    • Vidman321

      The Unspoken and Edge of nowhere, were both worked on by a triple a studio(i.e. Insomniac Games)

      • David Herrington

        I said “one of the first,” so what’s your point?

  • Well, I expect the same BS we got from Google Earth on Steam, an alert that says you don’t have a supported headset. But no matter what, i’m not touching anything that comes from Zenimax.

  • AndyP

    I didn’t realise that, after years of buying their games, I’d pissed off Bethesda so much with my hard earned cash! Who do they value more, gamers and our cash, or old scores?

    • polysix

      they, like any sane person/company on this planet, hate facebook already. :P

  • yag

    It would be silly for Zenimax to block one third of their potential customers.