Fantastic Contraption, one of the first (and still one of the best) VR puzzle games out there, is finally coming to PSVR on July 11th and has been specially tuned for the platform, including unique levels not seen elsewhere and graphical enhancements for PS4 Pro.

Fantastic Contraption (2016) is a physics-based puzzle game made from the ground up for VR that will challenge your creativity by tasking you with a simple task: build a machine to deliver a purple orb into the goal zone. With a set of basic building materials—rods, wheels, and the like—you’ll be creating some surprisingly complex contraptions to beat the increasingly challenging levels.

Launching July 11th for $20

Originally launched on the HTC Vive and eventually Oculus Rift, the game has been well received on both platforms, and now it’s coming to PSVR. Announced via the Official PlayStation Blog, Fantastic Contraption will release on July 11th for PSVR priced at $20, including an additional 10% launch-week discount for PS Plus members. That’s $10 less than the Rift and Vive version.

Scale to Taste

Developer Radial Games says they’ve given special care to make the game work well with PSVR’s more limited tracking ability and computing power. While the Vive version has players building their contraption at life-size (thanks to a room-scale tracking area), the PSVR version of Fantastic Contraption is designed for seated play, giving players more of a workbench-like scale to craft their machines. The PSVR version will however allow players to resize the world at will to see it at any scale.

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PSVR Exclusive Levels

Fantastic Contraption on PSVR will also get a “handful” of exclusive levels. “Try your hand bouncing around some moguls, attacking a big-bricked wall, and more! We’ve designed a few challenges specifically around seated play, and we know you’ll enjoy them,” the developer teases.

Native 120 FPS Rendering and PS4 Pro Enhancements

The game has been specially optimized for PS4 and PS4 Pro; Radial Games developer Andy Moore tells Road to VR that both consoles will render the game natively at 120 FPS which means it’ll look awfully smooth when you play (most PSVR games run at 60 FPS but interpolate to 120 FPS). The PS4 Pro version will see a range of enhancements, according to Radial Games:

  • 8xAA – We averaged out all those sharp corners for smoother looking curves!
  • Higher-resolution textures – you can almost smell that wood-grain!
  • Improved backdrops and scenery
  • Additional special-effects and visual flairs
  • Extra island decorations
  • 125% resolution oversampling – A fancy way of saying that things look real sharp in there.

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