First Contact Entertainment today announced that Firewall Zero Hour (2018), the studio’s PSVR team shooter, is getting a new map just in time for Christmas.

The game’s third DLC will feature ‘Containment’, a free map set in an infectious disease lab in the remote hills of Greenland. The DLC is set to drop tomorrow, December 18th; the addition of Containment brings Firewall Zero Hour’s map count up to 10 maps.

Along with it comes a number of new paid items such as skins, trinkets, and patches.

Firewall Zero Hour Review: Tactical Multiplayer Action Comes to PSVR

Other updates include:

  • Addition of implementation to deal with idle (“AFK”) players
  • Addition of ability to speak with your teammates during loading screens
  • Addition of Contractor eye movement in the lobby

First Contact Entertainment says in a PlayStation Blog post that updates since launch have improved things including matchmaking wait times, squad matchmaking capabilities, weapon offset options, and anti-aliasing options for PS4 Pro.

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