A new trailer for Ghostbusters: Dimension, a location-based VR attraction produced by The VOID, shows what it’s like to step inside a VR experience that mixes a physical environment with virtual visuals.

The VOID produces a unique type of VR attraction that has players roaming a large scale physical space while wearing headsets and haptic vests. The idea is that players see the virtual world around them but it’s reinforced not only with the feeling of real walls and objects when they reach out to touch them, but also with real-world effects like temperature, smell, air bursts, and more.

Harrison Ford Enters The VOID's VR Experience at TED 2016

Built on this platform, the company created the Ghostbusters: Dimension experience which launched at Madame Tussaud’s in New York City earlier this year. We’ve seen screenshots of what it looks like inside, but a new mixed-reality trailer (heading this article) gives a much better feel for what it’s like to brandish the Proton Blaster as you battle your way through the set that’s infested with virtual ghouls.

The VOID says that 20,000 people have taken the dive into the experience and also says that a number of updates are in the works to add additional effects and features, including an achievement system.

Road to VR’s Paul McAdory took a spin through Ghostbusters: Dimension himself and found the experience suitably enticing.

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