The Lenovo Mirage Solo, the first standalone Daydream headset, launched just last week. In our review we noted it odd that the headset didn’t have access to a VR web browser. But that’s soon to change, as Google has now confirmed that Chrome is on its way to standalone Daydream headsets.

Speaking at Google I/O 2018 this week, Google’s Brandon Jones updated developers on the state of WebXR, a successor to WebVR, which is designed to bring AR and VR experience through the web browser. He also mentioned in his presentation that a new version of Chrome is coming which will allow Daydream shell headsets to launch a VR version of the app directly from inside of the headset, rather than first launching the app on the phone and then docking into the headset to browse WebVR content. Jones said that using the new version of Chrome in a Daydream shell headset to seamlessly switch between standard web browsing and WebXR content felt a “just a little bit magical.”

Chrome mobile running in VR | Image courtesy Google

But because Lenovo’s Mirage Solo standalone Daydream headset isn’t a phone, it can only access the apps that appear inside the headset’s Daydream app store, which doesn’t include Chrome (since the browser isn’t a full VR app, it only offers some extra VR functionality).

I reached out to Jones by Twitter to ask about this discrepancy.

“It’s not in the VR store just yet because there’s still a couple of dependencies that we have on the 2D mobile UI,” he told me. “We’re actively working on it, though! We’ll make an announcement when Chrome is ready for standalone headsets.”

That’s good news for the Mirage Solo and any future standalone Daydream headsets because it means the opening of a crucial new content window for the headset.

Lenovo Mirage Solo Review: Positional Tracking Comes to Mobile VR (sort of)

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  • oompah

    Great job Govt+oogle
    However I still cannot buy
    daydream compatible device
    its unavailable

    • Peter Petropolis

      That’s a shame. If there a chance this dis-availability is being directed against you personally, would def complain to the FCC.

  • Justos

    I prefer go.

    I cant lay down with this type of headstrap. no sale from me!

    • dk

      and unfortunately u can’t have a real vr experience with the go…….but yes it is neat

      • Peter Petropolis

        takes more time to have to stop and think “I must rememer to write u and r and 4 and ur, etc., or else risk peer dispproval” than to just do it normally and skip cleverness (or at least what used to be clever).

        • dk

          I’m just saying …..3dof was a demo of something looking close to vr since the dk1 days ……if someone wants a cheap convenient 3dof headset great …they have a few options
          …..and if they want to spend more on full head tracking real moving through a virtual world experience u need 6dof and u have a few options there
          ….comparing headsets from these 2 classes as if it’s the same thing is pretty pointless

    • Peter Petropolis

      You cannot “lay” down under any circumstances.
      And too, the sale would not be “from” you if you are the buyer.

      Not bad for only a 2-short-sentences post by you.

  • Good to know!

  • 87%ValdeDetta

    Then do we get Google earth VR on Lenovo Mirage Solo?