Interested to find out what’s inside the hottest consumer wearable device in town? A Google Glass teardown leaves no stone unturned, revealing the CPU, storage, and leaves us with beautiful high resolution photos of a dissected Glass unit.

I’m not sure what’s more crazy to do with your $1500 Google Glass — tear it apart, or wear it in the shower?

We’ve already seen the former, I suppose, and now some folks have taken it upon themselves to rip apart their Google Glass, piece by piece, purely to find out what’s inside and how it’s assembled. Well, I shouldn’t say “rip”, after all, the duo who dissected Glass said that it was fully functional after reconstructing it.

Scott Torborg and Star Simpson are the folks we have to thank for the beautiful high resolution photos of this Google Glass teardown (which go nicely with our Glass gallery). They have an excellent account of the receiving ceremony and their disassembly of Glass which you can see in full here, the photos are the best quality I’ve seen of Glass yet.

Google Glass Specs

Thanks to the teardown, we now know a bit more about the guts powering Google Glass.

  • CPU: TI OMAP4430
  • Storage: 16GB of SanDisk flash
  • RAM: Elpida mobile DRAM chip (exact amount unknown, likely 1GB)
  • Display: 640×360 resolution
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