Google has been hiring full time virtual reality positions for some time, but for what appears to be the first time, the secretive Google [x] is looking for full time VR talent in the form of a Computer Graphics Engineer.

Google [x] is the place where Google tries to turn crazy ideas into reality. It’s the birth place of Google’s self-driving car, Project Loon, Google Glass and others. The company’s own description of the lab:

Google[x] is the moonshot factory within Google, where uncomfortably ambitious, world-changing new ideas such as self-driving cars, Internet from balloons and smart contact lenses are developed and taken out into the world. Google[x] projects have the potential to transform the lives of billions of people and make the world a better place.

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And now this “moonshot factory” is likely working on projects involving virtual reality, as indicated by a brand new job posting seeking a full time Computer Graphics Engineer who will “work closely” with Google’s VR team in Mountain View, CA.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop advanced rendering algorithm in OpenGL
  • Co-develop video synchronization
  • Create an inspection mechanism to read and correct for optical variation
  • Work closely with the Virtual Reality team at Google to integrate any of the development

Google has been hiring full time virtual reality positions since at least as far back as December, 2014, but this is the first VR job listing we’ve seen for Google [x], which recently became a separate entity from Google after the formation of Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

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