IO Interactive is bringing PSVR support to Hitman III, the upcoming addition to the stealth action franchise. While there’s still precious little information about the game’s VR implementation, a short clip of VR gameplay has revealed a few choice nuggets to go on.

Update (August 15, 2020): IO Interactive says in a Reddit AMA that Hitman III currently doesn’t support PS Move controllers. Strangely enough, what we see in the clip below is actually DualShock 4, which is translated into positional movement by it motion controlled tracking and gyro.

“There are many reasons for us ending on this decision but to be honest we think that we have found a perfect fit for the game through this hybrid control scheme,” Eskill Mohl.

Original Article (August 13th, 2020): Eurogamer’s Ian Higton received a short clip from IO Interactive where we see Agent 47 nonchalantly pushing a lantern, letting it swing back and forth. It’s a small gesture, but it actually tells us a bit about what to expect.

This not only tells us that motion controllers are very likely supported (see update)—the game’s announce trailer could have well included only scripted animations—but it also confirms the game will include a multitude of interactive, physics-based objects to play around with. Also, it seems like dynamic lighting will also be a thing, which will definitely help increase the game’s overall immersion factor.

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Another small insight from the clip: the constant background flurry of particle effects. Some developers use particles in VR to better ground players and keep them comfortable as they move around in the first-person. Considering there will be plenty of opportunity to traverse the series’ signature massive, multi-layered levels, it’s likely IO Interactive is making sure to ratchet down on VR comfort modes to keep PSVR users happy.

Although we still haven’t seen VR modes for any of the other ‘World of Assassination’ games, that little clip gives us a lot of hope that we’ll be getting the ‘full fat’ version of the entire trilogy for PSVR players when it lands on PS4 and PS5 in January 2021.

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  • DanDei

    I will be so mad if this becomes a PSVR exclusive like Resident Evil VII

    • JesuSaveSouls

      A psvr and ps4 isn’t very expensive. I’d like to see it on pc.

  • Alextended

    Can’t wait for the PC version :)

    • wheeler

      Has this been confirmed?

  • wheeler

    So how do you locomote while simultaneously using motion controller interactions on the Move controllers? Does it require the Move Navigation controller? Or perhaps they’re using unrevealed PSVR2 controllers?

    • kool

      God I wish theyd put out some new controllers already…I’d even take a move cradle with thumbsticks!

  • Ad

    It’s a massive shame that if isn’t coming to PCVR, and kind of senseless. People who are so focused on consoles aren’t going to be deterred from getting PS5 and a PSVR and playing this on that just because the steam version also has VR. But I as a PCVR user have a lot more trouble justifying getting both a PS5 and a PSVR when that headset is so outdated and clunky. I wish there was a PSVR2 this Christmas or that I could plug my index into a PS5. If it was on both platforms then they’d have the big active world of PCVR fueling feedback and support for this game rather than Sony having to pay and pressure them to work on it. I get that Sony paid for this in all likelihood but I don’t think they would benefit less if this was on Steam.

  • Ad

    Resident Evil, and i think a couple others

  • kool

    I can’t wait to play my psvr on the ps5! I hope most games get a ps5 patch so I can get some decent fidelity vr. I hope they announce a new controller because most games suck with move because of the lack of thumbsticks. Ps5 graphics patches and some thumbsticks would hold me over until the psvr2

  • So odd that this only has been confirmed for PlaystationVR only so far. Why they have kept on with 2011 technology when VR has advanced WAYYYYY beyond crappy move controllers is beyond me. I can only hope they have this planned for actual PC VR.

  • I mean, it’s a short video of a swinging lantern… we need to see something more before judging

    • Rosko

      True but that’s a damn fine looking lantern. I think what’s important to note is that it didn’t look like your usual 90s gfx level of detail. You can see when it pans out into the room, although like you say proper gameplay that’s not 50px90p would be nice.

  • VR Ambassador

    No MOVE-Controller support?! Just ridiculous. Come on, sniper with controllers?? Senseless.