HTC Vive announced it’s offering a new hardware bundle for its Vive XR Elite headset that brings some handy new accessories to users for free, which are designed to enhance the headset’s ergonomics and increase user comfort.

Called the Vive XR Elite Deluxe Pack, the bundle includes four new accessories, which are also being offered for free to new and existing owners of the headset.

The accessory pack includes an improved Vive Face Gasket, a mixed reality Face Gasket for better peripheral vision and ventilation, a Deluxe Strap for better weight distribution, and Temple Clips for a more secure connection to the battery mount.

Image courtesy HTC Vive

HTC is offering these free accessories from now until July 3rd, 2024, which you can nab as an existing owner by following this link, where you’ll be prompted to register your Vive XR Elite’s serial numbers.

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Released in February 2023, Vive XR Elite is the company’s flagship standalone XR headset, which supports both native Viveport content and PC VR content via SteamVR.

Priced at $1,000, new customers who order by June 30th, 2024 will also get $100 off content in addition to five VR games, which include The Break-In, Hubris, Primal Hunt, Sushi Ben, and Unplugged VR. You can grab the deal over at HTC Vive’s website.

To learn more about Vive XR Elite, check out our initial hands-on, which dives deeper into some of the ergonomic woes HTC is likely looking to fix with this new accessory pack.

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  • Stephen Bard

    Getting weary of overpriced obsolete hardware . . .

  • ViRGiN

    If i had to spend $1000, this is infinitely better deal than getting Valve Index.

  • J.C.

    Oh, HTC, your slide into irrelevance is painful to watch.

    I had an OG Vive. The controllers were weird as hell, but worked decently enough. Now, they're absurd, but at the time, Oculus used an Xbox controller. HTC hasn't made a compelling headset since.

    But the Vive itself was not HTC's best contribution to VR; it's the Deluxe Audio Strap. I'm willing to bet HTC has sold 3x as many of the straps as they have headsets. You can buy or make 3d printed adapters to get them to work with any headset, and it feels like no one else has nice (not amazing) headphones that come with the headstrap. Sadly, VRCover stopped making their foam pad replacement for the DAS, but there's a knock-off that's…OK. Still better than what comes with the strap.

    I have one on my Quest 3, along with a couple other doodads. It looks kinda ridiculous, but it's comfy as hell. They're $50 on Amazon, and have dropped to $25 several times (watch for it during Prime Days!).

    • Well, I have already bought 2 of those Deluxe Audio Straps:
      1 for my Quest 1 which passed on to my Quest 2 and then a new one for the Q3.
      I love my Frankenquests!

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Yep, in regard to comfort I like my HTC Vive Pro way more as my Pico 4 (with replaced facegasket).

    • salamancer

      Yeah, they're an old company and their gear isn't good anymore, but the fact that people are still rocking vive pros and even og vives shows how good they are

    • Shuozhe Nan

      HTC sold half of their smartphone stuffs to keep VR part alive and build a small but profitable niche in education and B2B. Kinda hard/impossible to compete Meta as a hardware company relying on google/valve with software/content..

  • jiink

    Too late!

  • Arashi

    LOL, HTC, what's that? I think my grandpa once told me about that company, they used to be relevant one day?

    • salamancer

      Clearly new to vr

  • Sofian

    What does it do better than the Quest 3 for twice the price?

  • Somerandomindividual

    The Pico 4 is more of a "quest competitor" than the HTC will ever be. It's amazing how they lost ther way.