Ilysia is an upcoming VR MMO that hit Kickstarter earlier this month with a modest budget of $60,000. It seems developers Team 21 Studio have struck a chord with the VR community, as the Sword Art Online-style MMORPG has recently doubled its funding goal with only a few days remaining in the campaign.

Creating an MMO for VR is a tall order, however Team 21 Studio is hoping to bring their ambitious project to life on all major VR headsets, including PC VR, Oculus Quest, and PlayStation VR. The game is expected to release to backers sometime in 2021.

The funding campaign is set to end on October 4th, but it’s already unlocked a number of stretch goals along the way, including additional starting races, multi-user mounts, additional starting zones, a pet & mount breeding system, and full-body tracking support.

Here’s how the studio describes Ilysia:

In Ilysia, players will travel alongside one another or embark on solo journeys as they quest, fight, grow, and explore a multitude of unique areas with their own set of challenges throughout their adventures. These zones will present an increasing challenge of monsters, quests, dungeons, world bosses, caves, and large outdoor cities, all waiting to be explored, conquered, and to have their secrets revealed. Live the wonder, excitement, and glory days of MMOs like never before, in truly immersive VR.

Ilysia is said to allow players to explore each area without limits, letting you climb rocks and trees, explore caves, discover secrets and treasures distinctive to each area which include things like unique armors, weapons, and items that the player can then use or sell.

According to Team 21 Studio, there’s also plenty of beasts, world bosses, and both megalithic ‘Guardians’ and ‘Titans’ to contend with, which can be done via both melee and ranged weapons. PvP combat in Ilysia will be entirely optional for players, the studio says.

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Players will be able to pick a number of different humanoid races such as Humans, Elves, Dwarves and the possibility of animalistic races in the future too. There’s no rigid class system to speak of, as leveling is done through the game’s 24 skill trees, which lets you pick up any weapon or activity and level up with that specific skill.

If you want to learn more about Ilysia, check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign for a wealth of information surrounding the game’s finer points. We haven’t gone hands-on with the pre-alpha yet, which was available at the start of the campaign, but if you want to see some of Ilysia in action, check out YouTuber ‘Matteo331’ for an insider look at the pre-alpha.

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  • TechPassion

    terrible crap. waste of money.

    • asdf

      really? dang i was waiting to see what people said about this game. thats a shame

      • TechPassion

        I watched the trailer. I tend to be optimistic most of the time, but in terms of graphics this game is Doom 1 from 90s. Does not look and feel good. Also, did not see anything interesting or new in this game. A dragon and big robot. It is a replication of replication of other games.

        • Engineer_92

          “I watched the trailer”

          So you haven’t played the game? Watching a trailer doesn’t translate to VR experience

          • Jimmy Arias

            I think the same, this is not a review of the game but a personal opinion based on a video. He didn’t like the trailer and that’s ok but his opinion is completely irrelevant and useless when talking about the game core, gameplay, mechanics, inmersion and so on.

          • Engineer_92

            Exactly! Not to mention this is a Pre-Alpha. Apparently the end product will have more of an Overwatch vibe.

    • Jesi

      not sure why you’re expecting the pre-alpha to represent all they plan to do with this game, it needs funding so they can make the game they want to make, they have professionals that theyve hired they kinda need to be paid for their time and effort and thats where kickstarter comes in so those individuals can be paid and get to work on creating the end result.

  • Susara

    I have tried the pre alpha and it is amazing. It’s so much fun. Its a great mmo but in VR

  • Ron
  • It seems fun! This game is very promising

  • nasprin

    It seems that these type of VRMMORPG are doomed to be crowdfunded and done by enthusiasts until VR gets a few hundred million users at least. Which is somewhat sad – I played OrbusVR and really liked the mechanics, but would like to have a game that is graphically more realistic and now as cartoony.

  • Grey Lock

    I backed this one – very hopeful they will be able to step up the graphics and “walking” animations prior to launch :-)

  • That is one ugly looking game. Reminds of a PS1 game I played on an emulator recently. Even beyond the graphics, which can admittedly get fixed over time, the game itself seems extremely dull. I think they are trying to sell it on it’s titans, but they aren’t showing you climbing those monsters or anything. It’s just a larger model. Hit scale 1200%, done.

    It does make me wonder how these Kickstarters seem to gather steam. Why are people rushing to throw much at such an underwhelming game? What work went in, behind the scenes, to make these sort of Kickstarters work? Do you bribe a YouTuber or two to up-spin the game for you? Is there some old-boys club you have to belong to? What’s the work behind the scenes that spins this bland straw into internet gold?

    • Hokhmah

      Cause no bigger publisher/devs are making any MMO for VR right now, so people just cling to every project there is, despite the looks, content or quality.

  • Mradr

    I love to see a VR MMO – one thing to note – people that are looking for the next FF Online in VR – you will not be in luck. A lot of these early games are going to focus on game play (hopefully) than graphics to retain its player base rather than have things look pretty.