Boss Monster is an 8-bit-inspired indie board game from Brotherwise Games, and it’s made virtual reality its new home. To welcome the tabletop game, AltspaceVR is hosting a Boss Monster Day celebration on February 23rd so you learn, play, and even win Boss Monster decks and other prizes.

Does the game look familiar? You might have seen it at stores across North America, or maybe you were one of its many backers on Kickstarter. Built for 2-4 players, you compete to become the meanest, most villainous final boss you can image. That’s right. You’re the bad guy.


The game features 155 cards so you can shape your dungeon for unsuspecting adventurers. In classic dungeon crawler fashion, each room has its strengths and weaknesses against the stream of travelers, so the better dungeon you build, the less likely any old hero can step in and beat you, the final boss monster.

Tabletop games are a natural fit for VR currently, as they only require a few cards or pieces to play. In-game interactions are fairly simple, and can easily be controlled through any number of peripherals like mouse/keyboard, Xbox controller, or natural input devices like HTC Vive’s hand controller.

Boss Monster is helping to fill out AltspaceVR’s roster of social games, including official Dungeons & Dragons and Sketchy Quiz, a pub trivia game that lets you and your closest mates draw obnoxious things when you probably shouldn’t be.

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Now capable of supporting a number of headsets, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and now Gear VR, anyone can pop into AltspaceVR for an enjoyable evening of fun and games. Although we strongly suggest getting your hands on a headset, you can still join in for Boss Monster Day on a desktop.

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