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If you’ve got an outlying IPD, there’s now a simple adapter you can purchase to better fit the Oculus Rift’s lenses to your eyes.

We’re a bit behind the curve on this one but wanted to make sure people knew that the VR-Gear Oculus Rift IPD adapter is now available.

From our preview of the VR-Gear IPD adapter for Oculus Rift:

While the average IPD (interpupillary distance, the distance between your eyes) is somewhere in the neighborhood of 64mm, there are those with an IPD significantly far away from that average. For these people, using the Rift is less comfortable and potentially more blurry, owed to a number of factors caused by the Oculus Rift’s lenses not being centered with their eyes.

If you’ve found it uncomfortable or blurry to use the Oculus Rift due to your IPD (which you can measure with the Oculus Rift Configuration utility), you might want to consider giving these adapters a shot. No longer will you need a complicated DIY solution to adjust the lens IPD in the Rift.

For $15.95 you can order your very own custom-fit set which will be made with a 3D printer and shipped off to your door. For a bit more you can even get them colored to add a bit of flare to your Rift.

Size options are available for an IPD from 60-62mm and 66-70mm. For users outside even those ranges, the creator of the adapter says that the closer you can get to your actual IPD, the better experience you are likely to have, by reducing blur and strain on the eyes.

Though the adapters adjust the Oculus Rift’s lens IPD, the screen IPD stays the same (ideally they should match). To some extent this can be fixed in software, but it isn’t widely supported. Without an adjustment to the screen IPD as well, you may find some distortion to the image — the FAQ on the ordering page says that “general consensus is that it is still a favorable trade off,” — be sure to read through it before pulling the trigger.

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  • Michal Dobrzynski

    At over $40 for the black version shipped to Australia, it seems very expensive for what it is :/