‘VTOL’ Studio to Release Kart-style Airplane Racer ‘Jetborne Racing’ on PC VR Soon


Boundless Dynamics, the studio behind combat flight simulator VTOL VR (2017), is getting ready to release a new online racing game soon for PC VR headsets which puts your flying skills to the test and throws plenty of kart-style powerups your way.

Called Jetborne Racing, the game pits you against seven other online players who must pilot their way through challenging courses in a race to the finish. The studio says a single-player mode is coming too wherein you compete for the fastest time on a global leaderboard.

In classic kart fashion, Jetborne Racing is set to feature a swath of powerups such as shields, cannons, missiles, tractor beams, and mines. You’ll also be able to customize races with various options including variable damage, powerups, laps, respawns, and more.

Just like VTOL VR, Jetborne Racing will feature a virtual stick and throttle, however it will also include support for physical HOTAS setups.

Here’s how Boundless Dynamics describes Jetborne Racing:

Throttle up your lightweight race jets and propel yourself at supersonic speeds around winding courses. You can only handle so much force before you begin to black out — if you carry too much speed into the corner, you might lose control! Will you risk G-LOC (G-force induced loss of consciousness) to come out in first on the other side? Can you ride the fine line between pushing the limits and wiping out in a blaze of glory?

The game is slated to arrive on SteamVR-compatible headsets and desktops sometime in May 2021. You can wishlist the game on Steam here.

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  • Finally..! Here’s hoping they get the coverage they deserve and also enough success to be able to continue supporting both “VTOL VR” and this new game. Looking great already. I imagine the mechanics will be further simplified to make it more casual friendly and let you focus on the race while still offering an awesome sense of speed and flight.

    • Didn’t even report it’s actually released now, lol. Lame.

  • Looks like it could be cool. Although hopefully it’s not unfair and random with the guys shoooting at the side taking out people who were maybe doing really well otherwise and had no way to avoid just getting blasted out of the race.

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  • Raphael

    The last time we had a racer like this with unrestricted roll is Powerdrome back on the Amiga. I like the look of this new game.

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