Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an undeniably fun VR party game that you can play together with a big group with only one VR headset. Now the game has added much requested support for both Vive and Rift’s VR controllers.

In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, the player wearing the VR headset will find themselves sitting alone in a room with a ticking time bomb in front of them. The bomb has a series of ‘modules’ which are miniature puzzles that must be solved in order to disarm it. The only problem is that the headset player doesn’t have the bomb defusal manual…. That’s where the other players come in: using a smartphone, computer, or even a printed copy, anyone not in the headset can access the 23 page bomb defusal document in order to aid in disarming the bomb.

It’s a blast, and players agree: the game is rated ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ on Steam with 98% positive reviews.

And now an update to the game has added support for both Oculus Touch and Vive controllers. Both the SteamVR version of the game (which supports the Rift and Vive) and the Oculus Home version of the game (which supports Rift), have the added motion controller support. Unfortunately the PSVR version of the game doesn’t yet support that platform’s Move controllers.

Why is that significant? Well for one, it makes the game way more accessible to people who aren’t gamers. Before, those non-gamer players would need to use a normal gamepad to control the game. But for people unfamiliar with a gamepad, playing a new game and using an unfamiliar input device that they can’t see can make the game challenging in all the wrong ways.

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Now with VR controller support, players can see their hands in the game world and much more intuitively control the bomb by physically rotating it and pressing buttons rather than needing to figure out how to rotate the bomb around three axes using a stick and having to remember new controls on an unfamiliar gamepad.

The game is also available on Gear VR and Google Daydream, and while the Daydream version has slightly better input thanks to its basic motion controller, neither of the mobile headsets support true 6DOF VR controllers.

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  • James Friedman

    Yeah this was one of those games that I thought would be ready for touch when it came out. I never purchase dit because I thought it needed to be a touch/Vive experience. Will have to try it, cause I loved I know your going to die.