K&L’s Beautiful ‘GE Neuro’ Lets You Explore a DJ’s Brain, Available to Download Now


VR creators Kite and Lightning, the minds behind the dazzling Senza Peso amongst many others, have released their latest experience named ‘GE Neuro’, dubbed by the team as a “…portal into the human brain, allowing viewers to enter, view, and explore the mind in a brand new way.”

Kite and Lightning are virtual reality creators who have already established themselves as auteurs of the space, a name you can trust when it comes to pushing boundaries in the medium and, above all, delivering compelling and accomplished VR experiences.

Their second collaboration with GE, Neuro takes a creative and exciting stab at introducing some of the complexities of the human brain’s inner workings. Neuro takes you on a journey inside the mind of photographer and DJ Reuben Wu, for a “journey through Reuben’s neurological responses to his thoughts, ideas, fears and memories”. It’s aim is to highlight some of the work scientists are doing to uncover the mysteries of the human brain, and is a typically impressive exploration in VR multimedia from the duo.

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GE Neuro is another example of how important virtual reality may become in the near future for education. This experience manages to engage your senses in a way that, at least to me, leaves you far more open to absorbing information. Generally speaking, when I find something interesting, I remember it. It’s the reason why this and experiences such as World of Comenius, are so exciting, they’re a glimpse at a new wave of educational possibilities.

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You can download the experience from Oculus Share, and be sure to sign up to K&L’s newsletter, which you can do by visiting their website.

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