As reported last week, the development of Oculus Rift support for Outerra, the ‘world rendering engine’, continues. A new video demonstrates the latest progress and sends you on a virtual reality flight in a Russian MiG 29 fighter.

Outerra is an in-development ‘world rendering engine’ which is literally capable of rendering a geographically detailed world on a 1:1 scale. Since recieving their Oculus Rift dev kit, the developers have been working to support the Oculus Rift in Outerra and are expected to soon release a compatible build to the public.

Developer Brano Kemen shared with us the latest video of a flight in a MiG 29, demonstrating head tracking support and some fixed bugs. Kemen says that Outerra “feels great” inside of the Oculus Rift. He says that the next development steps are anti-aliasing, chromatic aberration correction, and yaw drift.

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