Immersed, a startup known for its work-focused productivity app for VR, may have jumped the gun a little early, as the company posted a short clip of what appears to be Meta’s upcoming Project Cambria mixed reality headset (aka ‘Quest Pro’).

The video, spotted in a company blogpost, appears to be demonstrating the Immersed app in action on the unreleased Quest Pro, making use of its hand tracking and mixed reality capabilities.

Here’s a copy of the GIF, which has since been removed from the post:


First putting on a Quest Pro headset, the clip shows a user toggling through three levels of immersion: a full-color augmented reality view for productivity, a fully-immersed VR view for real-time collaboration, and a mixed reality view which combines both elements by also incorporating a physical keyboard and the user’s actual hands.

Meta hasn’t publicly acknowledged the Quest Pro naming scheme yet, however after an alleged unauthorized unboxing of the headset last month has shown the supposed unit’s exterior in full replete with Quest Pro branding—basically unveiling it well ahead of Meta’s upcoming Connect developer conference due to take place October 11th.

Based on images courtesy Immersed, Zectariuz Gaming

If there was any doubt, here are still images from the video (left) and from the unauthorized unboxing of Quest Pro (right). The only notable difference between the two is the inclusion of a light-blocking facial interface in Immersed’s shot, which may come in the box or be an extra for the sake of better immersion.

We’re sure to learn more then, although it seems fairly certain we’ll not only be seeing a lot of the next-gen standalone at Connect, but maybe a chance to plonk down some cash too for the admittedly expensive headset, said to be priced “significantly” higher than $800.

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When speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in late August, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg let it slip that the company’s “next device [is] coming out in October,” which could mean we’ll be seeing an official pre-order announcement there too.

And the leaks don’t stop there. While readers should take it with a grain of salt, there’s been a report of a cheaper Meta Quest 3 set to follow Quest Pro at some point next year, which includes the latter’s full-color AR passthrough and depth sensor, however omitting Quest Pro’s face and eye-tracking function.

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  • Is that… is that AR Discord?

    • Actually, from the aspect ratio, it appears to be the phone app of Discord, which may either mean that A) They’re going to start releasing those google play store app integrations that were leaked ages ago, or B) The Quest pro is going to have some sort of Phone-to-AR mirroring solution, sort of like airplay on an iOS device. Pretty neat!

      • Steve Lobdell

        This is Immersed VR, they do have basically airplay to your headset. You can see your phone display, but you can’t interact with it

    • MeowMix

      check out NyaVR (@Nya_VR_) on twitter. They’ve datamined the Oculus software and have shown that Oculus has been working on a native discord app for a while now. Is that the app they’ve been working on? Is it a QuestPro exclusive ? or will it also come to Quest2.

    • LegendaryKeith

      They were using immersed VR. What you see there is the discord pc app.

  • nullcodes

    Why is Facebook doubling down on not having legs? At least put people in a wheelchair.

    • Cless

      Because it would only make people realize that the only good leg tracking that exists is NOT with their software, but with the PCVR crowd instead.

    • Dave

      That comment is in bad taste. I’m sure if Meta thought the tech was ready, they would have enabled it. That doesn’t mean games can’t do this, so we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Alexander Sears

      Maybe one day Meta can leverage the tracking tech of the new Quest Pro Controllers and put it into full body trackers, until then it seems we’ll be in the part of the timeline where the value of VR avatar legs is debated.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Why do you want legs if they aren’t tracked?

  • nullcodes

    Given that the resolution will be way below 70ppd, I wouldn’t recommend doing productivity stuff like reading, it could strain/damage your eyes.

    • Nevets

      This. Ten times over. I don’t want to induce myopia and god knows what else by using what is effectively primitive ocular hardware for work use.

      • James Cobalt

        If you’re concerned about myopia you should be concerned about the lack of varifocal lenses and not the low resolution. The resolution isn’t really a concern there.

        • Nevets

          Agreed. The vergeance-accommodation conflict was exactly what I had in mind. So far as I know, it disrupts a fundamental aspect of our vision in a way that isn’t seen anywhere else in nature or entertainment.

          • James Cobalt

            We do see it in books and screens – anyplace where someone keeps fixed focus for extended periods of time. For millennia, our bodies developed with eye focus constantly shifting between close up and far away. Now people spend most of their time indoors and often focused on things very, very close to their faces – and the farthest you can look is the wall; not the horizon. Especially when your body is still developing, this is a recipe for nearsightedness.

    • Jonathan Winters III

      Working on a large virtual screen on Quest Pro will provide readable text. Perhaps not retina resolution yet, but it is readable.

      • Dave

        Yeah you could be right but as a productivity tool I’m not so sure. I do know with the HP G2 the text is clear at the center and having that edge to edge clarity would be good but for me it’s still not enough to actually do a few hours work, it needs to be more like the Varjo Aero but with the design of the Quest Pro.

    • Nathan Benkhe

      I’m so let down by this. Guess I’m holding out now for Apple’s VR or Valve’s Deckard headset. All this AR stuff and fancy controller tech doesn’t have me at all excited. Guess this is my fault for not listening when they said it wouldn’t be a headset geared for gamers. Just doesn’t seem ideal for productivity either except special use cases.

    • Dave

      I agree 100%, I think folks are hyping up the Pico 4, from through the lens videos it’s hardly better than the Quest 2 but it is slightly more clear and of course has good edge to edge clarity but it’s still not a productivity tool. I’m interested to see what Meta have done with the same resolution for the Quest Pro – apparently they have some tech which provides text content in a more clear way, so that will be interesting to see.

  • Looks cool

  • xyzs

    Since Pico 4 release, I am thinking of switching. If it’s sold 1000 dollars (or more), nothing justifies the price in comparison to pico’s offer.
    It literally have the same specs than a 400 competitor except the eye tracking (that they say is not used for perf optimization anyway…) and the software part is not that crazy different neither in terms of ux (pico literally stole it from meta) and quality (tracking and fps are similar).

    • Dave

      Interesting, I’m not really into either device. If I was going to buy one it would be the Quest Pro but I need to see some reviews. I just trust the tech more with Meta and you know there store will be great. Pico is a great headset but if you look at enough reviews, there are starting to list the negatives with this and it’s completely put me off from changing from my HP Reverb G2 which apart from the sweetspot has a far superior display.

      • xyzs

        I’m in a case where I use my headset more for pcvr and with some minor standalone need like virtual movie theatre. I also would trust quest os and its store more but I won’t get many dependencies neither.

  • Molmir

    Is this what is called high resolution cameras? It looks like ass honestly. Maybe they filmed it with their grannys fucking doro phone idk, but this is really really bad if its an actual feed from the cam, looks like quest 1 passthrough with some alibi colour.