At the Intel E3 event this morning, Lone Echo developer Ready at Dawn announced that the anticipated Oculus Rift title is launching on July 20th. The studio has partnered with Intel to release the game’s ‘Echo Arena’ multiplayer mode to free for all Rift owners.

Update (6/12/17, 11:34AM PT): A spokesperson for Ready at Dawn has reached out to clarify that Lone Echo’s multiplayer mode is spinning out into an entirely separate title called Echo Arena which will release alongside Lone Echo. A new trailer and details about an open beta weekend can be found here. The original article continues below.

Original Article (6/12/17): Lone Echo is an anticipated Rift-exclusive title that will feature a full single-player campaign and multiplayer mode. In our previous hands-on time with the game’s zero-G locomotion, we’ve been impressed with its unique gameplay, especially as it applies to the five vs. five multiplayer mode which involves trying to throw a disk into the opposing team’s goal while floating freely through a 3D arena. You can see a brief glimpse of the Echo Arena multiplayer in action here:

Priced at $40, Long Echo is available for pre-order today on the Oculus store, and is now set to release on July 20th. Pre-orders will however see a 10% discount, coming to $34.99. In partnership with Intel, developer Ready at Dawn announced today that the game’s Echo Arena multiplayer mode will launch for free for all Rift owners on the same day as the game’s full release.

'Lone Echo' Developer Shows Impressive Procedural Hand-posing System for VR

Ready at Dawn will be working with Intel and the ESL Esports league to make Echo Arena part of the VR Challenger League, claimed to be “the world’s first VR Esports league,” which will include a $200,000 prize pool.

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  • Wednaud Ronelus

    This is a turning point for the VR community.

  • Lucidfeuer

    That semantic hand interaction system is really interesting if it works well. It should be implemented ootb in UE/Unity