lunar flight oculus rift supportEarlier this month I took a look at Lunar Flight, a game by indie developer Shovsoft, that has been working to integrate Oculus Rift support. I called it “a highly compelling Oculus Rift virtual reality experience ,” definitely one of the best fully fleshed out titles for the Rift. Now the developer has announced that the Lunar Flight Oculus Rift beta is public for anyone with the game to try — better yet, the game is on sale with a massive discount!

For the current sale price of $3.39, Lunar Flight has my enthusiastic stamp of approval. As in: if you have an Oculus Rift, go get Lunar Flight now. Well, technically the sale doesn’t end until July 22nd, but you get my point. One warning though — the game is quite difficult with keyboard and mouse. The developer recommends using a USB Xbox 360 controller, and so do I. “Please note this is a beta and there are still some issues and incomplete or missing features!” says Sean Edwards, founder of Shovsoft.

Once you download Lunar Flight, you need to opt-in to access the Oculus Rift beta:

  • Right-click on the Game in your Steam Library
  • Select Properties
  • Select the BETAS Tab
  • Select the BETAS – Oculus Build
  • (It may take a few minutes before your Steam client updates the build.)
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Learn more about the controls and stay up to date on the Oculus Rift support for Lunar Flight by checking out the official thread on the Rift dev forums.

Check this dev video from the developer to get a feel for Lunar Flight with Oculus Rift support:

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  • John Dewar

    Wow! It’s fantastic. Definitely my personal favorite Rift experience so far (I haven’t tried EVR yet). The game is available for Mac, but the beta is not yet working on Mac. I wish it had Hydra body tracking because sometimes it’s hard to see out of the LEM and I found myself leaning fruitlessly from side-to-side.

  • Andrés

    You say they recommend playing with a “USB Xbox 360 controller”. Any particular reason for not using the wireless version? Thanks