French startup Lynx hasn’t had an easy time of getting headsets out the door, much less funding its small hardware startup, which is dedicated to producing its R-1 mixed reality standalone. There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel though, as Lynx CEO Stan Larroque announced that a batch of R-1 headsets should be shipping out soon.

Larroque details the plan to distribute an additional 400 units between July and August in a recent Kickstarter update, noting that the units were assembled earlier but were delayed due to financial issues with the assembler Compal.

While those issues have now been resolved and those headsets are set to ship, Larroque details what he calls an “excruciating” last 12 months, which he maintains isn’t related to the headset itself, but rather the tough fundraising environment for XR hardware in Europe.

“We were supposed to close a 30M€ deal at the end of April, term sheet signed and everything. And it didn’t happened [sic] because the European investor didn’t really have the money and lied to us. This was almost a death sentence, it’s the worst thing that can happen to a startup,” Larroque says.

Reeling from the admitted near death sentence, the company suffered another setback with a French public fund:

“Another one is a French public fund lying to us in their will to commit to our company. They took more than 6 months to do a due diligence, we spent hundreds of hours on the case with them (they were supposed to commit 15M€). They issued a [letter of intent] in July 2023. All that to realize they were badmouthing about us behind our backs to other potential co-investors. A VC shared those emails with me and it depressed me so much.”

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Lynx announced some additional positive news. In the update, Larroque says the company is now collaborating with a “big financial US partner,” and remains optimistic about its product and roadmap, noting there is significant interest in defense, industrial, and medical sectors.

The company has attracted additional funding outside of R-1’s successful Kickstarter campaign from late 2021, which brought in $800,000 in crowd funds. In 2019, prior to the Kickstarter, Lynx secured a seed round of $2 million. According to data obtained by Crunchbase, its most recent Series A secured in 2022 from Somnium Space, bringing to the startup $4 million, making for a total of $6.8 million in funding to date.

Similar to Meta Quest 3 or Apple Vision Pro, Lynx R-1 provides mixed reality experiences thanks to its passthrough sensors and onboard Snapdragon XR2 chipset, although the company hopes to make it a more open and versatile device.

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  • Ivan

    Aside from more competition, which is great for consumers, another good thing about this headset is that it will allow developers to have camera access. This will allow for true AR applications where you can detect and track markers and objects, have better lighting and shadows between virtual and real objects, mutual occlusion, etc.

    Diminished reality will also be possible, where objects from the real world are removed from your view (i.e. you can shoot at furniture in your home and to see it get broken and explode you need to first remove the real furniture from your view and replace it with damaged 3D models of it).

    Some applications for object tracking could be training and visual guides on building/fixing things, where it tracks the tools you have in your hands and shows you what to do next; for image tracking games, imagine board/card games like Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh cards where cards are tracked and characters come to life (like the Eye of Judgement game on the PS3); and many more (ARKit and ARCore applications could be ported over).

    So far Apple allows AVP developers access to its camera if you are an enterprise developer and Meta doesn't allow access on their headsets, for privacy reasons, which is understandable but could have pop-up asking for camera permission like on phones. Other standalone headsets that allow access are the HoloLens and Magic Leap, or you have to go with those connected to a computer, which you can then use a camera connected to the computer.

    Hopefully the great features that come from this headset will come to its competitors in the future, especially the use of the camera for AR use.

    • ViRGiN

      What is this toxic bs that you spew out?
      Lynx has not achieved anything.

      • You seems to be and angry young man. Looking at your full username (@disqus_RNE5aZmoRj) you have been banned many times. So before answering, please go and look in a mirror and breath for a while before answering.

        Sure Lynx have had a lot of uphill battles, and been horrible on their communications. But there is headsets used by developers out there. So they definitely has achieved building a headset. And a headset that allow camera access like the Ivan is saying. Don't understand what the toxic you referring to is about. Could you please explain?

        • ViRGiN

          Looking into database, it seems like you’ve been sentenced for homophobia. Therefore your comment is irrelevant. You do not belong to any community.

  • One look at this dogshit's subreddit tells you alllllll you need to know about Larroque & Co. ….
    Even their True Believers have LONG since given-up on him.
    And it uses an already *then* last-gen SoC …. lol
    What's worse: these clowns or DecaGear??
    []^. {

  • ViRGiN

    Oh well, nobody saw it coming, at least he gets to call himself a pioneer on Twitter and block anyone who calls him out on his bullshit.
    Stan, you're pathetic crook.

  • Well, coming from a French VR company, I can confirm that finding money in this period is incredibly complicated… good luck to Stan

    • ViRGiN

      It's not "this period". He already got all the money he needed from kickstarer alone – he asked for 300k EUR, got way over double of that.
      The campaign ran for 35 days from October to November 2021.
      First batch slanted to arrive just few months later, April 2022.

      Zero tolerance for obvious scams. No falling for crocodile tears. Oh he wanted na open HMD but there wasn't anything, and no european company worked on anything like that? Welp I guess I'll start a XR company! He really liked to cosplay as Palmer Luckey, by being young, and working on VR stuff, and achieving "so much with so little". The reality is he did not achieve anything other than successfully lying to customers throughout the years, while painintg an awesome picture of everyone and their mother company looking to buy these revolutionary headsets.

      Every update he has posted since campaign ended has been nothing but good news, and everything coming out very soon, just with short delay cause XYZ tiny teeny plastic part was found to be buggy but dont worry, you will get a product better than promised, just wait and stop complaining!

      • philingreat

        600k is not even close to be enough to develop a XR headset, you need multiple millions to accomplish that

        • ViRGiN

          And you don’t need to finish the University where Stan went to to know that.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Ofcourse it is always others that are not to be trusted and never yourself in promising things but not delivering….

  • Isaac

    The website's SSL certificate expired on 6 July

    • This is Lynx's M.O.1000% …. lol

  • Stephen Bard

    Whether or not you are sympathetic for whatever tribulations Lynx has gone through, the salient fact is that the headset's resolution and FOVs are completely obsolete now, so they are irrelevant.

    • ViRGiN

      No controllers either

      • philingreat

        they developed controllers and are ready to be manufactured

        • ViRGiN

          Yeah, like their headsets.