We’ve been waiting patiently to hear more about Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the well-established franchise’s first VR game. Now Oculus Studios and Respawn Entertainment say you’ll be able to storm the beaches of Normandy and finish the war all in time for Christmas.

Today at Facebook Connect, Respawn Entertainment announced that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will be launching on SteamVR headsets and Rift via the Oculus Store simultaneously on December 11th.

As if that weren’t surprise enough coming from an Oculus Studios partner, this will also include crossplay between the Steam and Oculus Store versions for the multiplayer portion of the game.

We can only surmise this is due to Facebook’s total 180 on PC VR headsets, as the company is retiring Rift in 2021. In fact, there’s no mention of the game coming to Quest outside of the obvious Link integration.

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It makes more sense from a content perspective to recuperate as much money as possible now that PC VR is no longer a priority for the Oculus vis a vis Facebook. When it was first unveiled last year, Facebook was still very much gung-ho about Rift as a product class, so it may be that developers incapable of slimming down PC VR projects to fit into Quest 2 right away may be given the sort of leeway we’re potentially seeing with Respawn.

Any way you slice it though, it will sure be strange seeing ‘Oculus Studios’ listed as a publisher on Steam.

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  • OMG! It is coming to Steam!

  • 3872Orcs

    Good news indeed! Hopefully the rest of the Oculus catalog follows in the future.

  • Arcticu Kitsu

    Same. Gonna grab it on Steam when given the chance.

  • kuhpunkt

    Wait, what?

  • This is a good move. Please do the same with Echo VR.

    • Hokhmah

      I would be so happy, if they would release Echo VR on Steam with Crossplay. I really like to play it regularly with a friend, but I want to upgrade in Q1/2021 from my good ol CV1 to Reverb G2 and therefore loosing (native) access to the Oculus stuff.

      • I’m still on cv1. If they don’t release on steam then I hope that they don’t block revive.

  • Dmacell

    Thats a good start for facebook! Cant wait to play it on my G-2 on steamvr

  • Well, it is a very positive news, but I agree that the Steam compatibility has been possible only because Facebook doesn’t care about PC VR anymore

    • Johnny Kookaburra

      That’s not true… they are just pushing the Quest 2 as the main device for PCVR nowadays. And using it wirelessly with a PC is incredible.

  • Mario Baldi

    Personally I think that, while this is good news short terms, it is terrible news overall… Because I’m afraid that if Facebook pulls the plug on PCVR, there will be (even) less titles coming to the PC.

  • Pablo C

    Why would anyone buy this on Oculus store, knowing the company is done with PC VR.