Meta announced and launched pre-orders for its Meta 2 AR headset dev kit more than a year ago, and expected to begin shipping the device at the end of 2016. While the company says a small number of headsets have indeed gone out the door, Meta acknowledged in May that manufacturing delays had prevented a bulk of pre-orderers from getting their headsets in a timely fashion. A recent update from the company suggests that shipping quantities will pick up in August.

Update (7/30/17): Since offering a vague “soon” timeframe for when shipping of the Meta 2 AR dev kit would pick up beyond the “limited quantities” mentioned back in May, an update to the FAQ on the company’s pre-order page for the headset notes that “Volume shipping will occur in mid Q3 2017,” which would fall in the month of August. 

Original Article (5/26/17): Although the company says they expect to deliver an impressive 10,000 Meta 2 headsets this year, the rollout has been slower than they would have liked. “Small batches” and “limited quantities” has been about the only detail the company would give us on how their shipping process was coming along, but now a new entry published to the company’s official blog offers a brief video update concerning the holdup.

“The number one topic my customer success team has been receiving over the past couple months is ‘when will my headset ship?’,” says Meta’s Senior Director of Customer Success, Gary Garcia. Not surprising, I would say, as I’m not sure what other questions you might ask prior to actually having the hardware.

Photo courtesy Meta

Garcia says that things started off well but the company eventually ran into issues as they tried to scale up their manufacturing and processing procedures. He says the company has doubled the size of their manufacturing floor as they have tackled the issues.

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Aside from acknowledging the delays, the company doesn’t offer any specifics about how many headsets have actually shipped at this point, and offers only a vague update on when developers can expect their headsets.

“Soon headsets will be rolling off the manufacturing line in greater volume.”

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  • Lucidfeuer

    At least it’s a real headset “#notMagicLeap”

  • chuan_l

    Meta 2 samples were solid hardware —
    When we tried them a year ago. 12 months and an FPGA change later : tracking was not noticeably better. Nice guys , really wanted to support them but moved onto Hololens due to delays in shipping developer kits.

  • They’re very little… I was expecting something like that… it’s pretty normal

  • NooYawker

    Releasing a commercially viable product is not easy. I’m sure they didn’t see the reality of mass producing their device.

  • readertwentyone

    Having tolerated a few amorphous ‘thanks for reaching out’ emails, this video with it’s high production values is starting to irk. This is apparently a multi billion dollar industry and this is the most promising wide fov AR headset. The hardware is cooked but they are having scaling problems. Can’t give even a vague ship date despite having substantial resources and backing? Come on…

  • Liang Yining

    I hope that the reason why it takes longer for mass production is that they are trying to ensure on quality of each product. Still, meta 2 is the greatest yet affordable AR HMD in market IMO. I’ll wait for several more months if it is what it takes.

  • wcalderini

    Well. It looks like they’ve only got that one girl there working. Give’ er a break. 10,000 is a lot of somethings. :)

  • Richard Bettridge

    Meta 2 can be late, and it can even be primitive (think DK1 oculus era). I’m fine with both of these as long as it has a solid SDK.

    So far what I’ve heard and seen is good news, but I won’t know until I get mine and start making software for it. If they have a solid SDK I’m going to invest heavily in my development efforts. I’m hopeful because it looks like they have a good Unity sdk along with steamvr and vive controller support. I currently develop in unity and for vive so I’m pretty excited about the possibilities with that kind of compatibility.

    I have reasonable/low expectations for this first gen unit from a pure hardware perspective and I think that’s a good thing.

    I think the hololens is shit for the price, and they aren’t putting out a new version until 2019 supposedly. That’s too late for me to get into AR, and the current hololens is way too expensive and has things I don’t need as a early adopter developer. Namely onboard computing and a battery. I bought a meta 2 because I want to get into decent AR now and I hope it arrives soon.

  • _Steve_

    Maybe Meta blew their funding on hyping their product, trade shows,etc. and don’t have any left to pay their manufacturing vendors.