Meta CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth said this week that the announcement of Quest 3, which came just days ahead of Vision Pro reveal, had nothing to do with the timing of Apple’s first public foray into XR.

“People won’t believe me, I don’t care—I’m telling the truth, you can believe me or not, that’s up to you […],” Bosworth began in a Q&A hosted on Instagram this week in response to a question about the curious timing of Quest 3’s announcement, which came just days ahead of the reveal of Apple Vision Pro. He continued:

What we found out… especially last year… is that when we announce a new headset in September/October, a lot of people—especially when you already have headsets out in market—a lot of people have already made buying decisions in the summertime, or they’re kind of committed to a path, so you’re not capturing the full holiday season.

So we sent a note to [Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg] long before we even knew about WWDC timing or substance, saying ‘hey for Quest 3 we want to announce it early, so that people know it’s coming, so they can plan well in advance of the holiday season what they want to do’.

So that was our plan from a long time ago, and the timing worked out unbelievably well [laughs]. I’m not mad about it… I’m not saying I’m mad about it, I’m just saying that was the plan that we developed in terms of go-to-market, and it had nothing to do with [Vision Pro].

The announcement of Quest 3—which came four days before Apple’s Vision Pro reveal—was certainly curious as far as the company’s prior patterns. Compared to the kind of formal announcement we’ve seen, the new headset was first teased and then revealed on social media through Mark Zuckerberg’s feeds. Even when more formal information was shared shortly thereafter, the company didn’t share the headset’s full specs, instead promising more details to come at the annual XR event, Meta Connect, which wouldn’t be held for nearly four more months.

Regardless, Bosworth maintains the Quest 3 announcement was decided well before the company knew what Apple would reveal or when.

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Bosworth, who heads Meta’s XR division, Reality Labs, also answered some other questions about Apple Vision Pro during the Q&A.

Q: Thoughts on Apple’s decision to have attached battery pack rather than all-in-one headset?

A: At some point these headsets are a physics problem. You can spend your thermals and your weight one way, or another way, but at some point the equation has to square. [Apple’s] headset, I think, is roughly in the same ballpark of weight as our headsets, and they wanted to have this battery life, so they wanted to go external with [the battery]. It doesn’t matter who you are, what company you are, who you work for… physics is a uniform belligerent to this space. We’re making progress hand-over-fist as an industry; I think Apple’s entry is going to help with that a lot. But yeah, you have to square the circle somehow, and they had to do it with an external battery pack and a cord.

Q: How does the Vision Pro change Meta’s roadmap?

A: Andy Grove—famous Intel CEO and kind of godfather of Silicon Valley—always used to say “only the paranoid survive,” and we try to embody that. You try to approach your work with a lot of humility. Whenever a great competitor comes out, whether it be the Pico, whether it be Apple Vision Pro, certainly; you’re trying to look and see, what did they do differently, and why? What did we miss? Did we get it wrong, or did they figure something out? So you try to learn from it. And then be humble about it. At the same time, you can’t constantly be chasing every competitor because then you’re getting thrown off your own game. You’re getting thrown off what you can uniquely do and what you’ve done right, and that they need to learn from. In our case I think we’ve got a great ecosystem, we’ve got a great set of devices, we’ve got a great price point. So it’s a balance to try to learn from them and not over-rotate on that. Nothing that we hadn’t looked at before […] we were focusing on gaze and touch for AR as well—it’s a natural AR interaction—is that something that needs to get more priority in VR? Not sure yet. So we’re looking at it… we’re not sure yet.

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  • g-man

    Just in case you thought you could believe anything this guy says

  • xyzs

    If he claims that Quest 3 announcement has nothing to do with the Vision Pro, then we can be fully assured that Quest 3 announcement was made in a rush because of the Vision Pro.

  • impurekind

    Just rip-off their really very polished and indeed elegant gaze and pinch method for selecting stuff in all your headsets going forward–but still keep the awesome physical controllers for actual proper VR gaming too of course–and I think you’re good to continue with the rest of the stuff you’ve been doing.

  • Well, sorry, boz, but I don’t believe you much on this

    • MeowMix

      I mean, he can be telling a half-truth – they did plan to announce the Quest3 early (as most gaming platform do; example the PSVR2. He even goes on to explain why which is also true – consumers need a heads up as they plan and allocate their holiday spending. A couple weeks heads up isn’t enough).

      But I do agree they purposely put the Quest3 announcement before the Apple event; he ain’t fooling anyone there.

  • Kenny Thompson

    This statement doesn’t appear to be in full context. They may have planed to announce earlier which “had nothing to do with Vision Pro” but the timing had “everything to do with Vision Pro.” Of course it did. If it didn’t you’d be missing a strategic opportunity and only a fool would do that.

    • MeowMix

      I can understand them wanting to announce the Quest3 early, which is what most console platforms do (Quest3 will be announced ~4 months before release, the same timeline the PSVR2 was announced before release).

      It was always kind of weird they’d announce a new headset and release it a few weeks later. But Glad to see they’re following the same playbook as other gaming platforms, as Boz brings up a good point – many consumers plan their spending prior to the holiday months, so without knowing a Quest3 will release this fall, they may not allocate enough money for it.

      But I too agree that once they knew of the Apple event date, they were would make sure the Quest3 announcement would fall right before it.

      • I know money’s tight right now, but I don’t know ANYONE
        who *deeply* plans their Christmas shopping in June …, lol

  • ViRGiN

    Look at all those SteamVR elitists below that Gabe Newell isn’t making hundreds of millions of dollars with PCVR.

    • xyzs

      Just because of your stupid Steam rants, I got curious about what’s new there and went to check the summer deals. Thanks to you Gabe Newell made 70 extra dollars!

      • Hussain X

        Would’ve been great if Gabe Newell would’ve used just a little bit of that 70 dollars you gave to him to help pcvr, like fund new vr titles, bring a subsidised vr headset or even get some psvr exclusives over to Steam for you to enjoy.

        • Guest

          Don’t bother, Gabe Newell is untouchable. He can commit unspeakable crimes and everyone would still kneel and ‘receive’ him, that’s how unconditionally worshipped he is by PC gamers. It’s really quite puzzling.

          • VRslut

            What if Gabe and Cook got married and had a headset? Would the distortion-field make you go crawling back to work for him???

          • Guest

            Delusional. I don’t hate Gabe, but what I do understand is that he receives a lot of unwarranted love and worship relative to what he actually does for people.

      • ViRGiN

        This means nothing more than the fact that you are very suspectible to advertising. Classic impulse buyer influenced by ads and virtual discounts for virtual products.

        • As someone who’s relationshipally [???] involved
          with an ad exec, I can indeed confirm that you’re not wrong.

  • xyzs

    Maybe the idiot troll ViRGiN is Boz, that would explain why he’s so fanatical about Meta.

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    Who cares?

  • My Thoughts

    Everyone knew the Quest 3 was coming. Why is this even a story?