You might have already splurged on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the biggest VR deals of the season, but if you were reticent to pull out your credit card and plonk down a few hundred on that shiny new PSVR game bundle, you may want to rethink that decision with the platform’s next big offering that’s slated to launch before Christmas.

Update (10:15 ET): Sony has now released word of the bundle in a PS blog post, most likely meaning a swath of retailers will be offering the deal. is currently advertising pre-orders for a new PSVR bundle which includes the hotly awaited Borderlands 2 VR and the indie breakout hit rhythm game Beat Saber (2018).

The pre-order listing states the bundle will launch on December 14th, costing $350.

The bundle includes the PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, demo disc, and both Borderlands 2 VR and Beat Saber game vouchers. Sorry folks, it doesn’t appear the physical retail release is included.

It’s uncertain at the time of this writing if other retailers will carry the bundle or if it’s a Best Buy exclusive (see update), although the deal presents even greater savings than the previously launched Creed: Rise to Glory + Superhot VR bundle, which is also regularly priced at $350.

'Beat Saber' PSVR Review – Move & Groove as You Slice & Dice

Beat Saber launched just last week on PSVR for $30, while Borderlands 2 VR is set to cost $50 when it launches on December 14th, making the bundle a clear win over Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot VR’s combined MSRP of $40.

If you didn’t manage to snap up a bundle at Black Friday pricing, the Borderlands 2 VR + Beat Saber offer is certainly the most attractive offer dollars-wise at this point.

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  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    I don’t own a PSVR but if I had one I would probably go for Astro + Moss bundle :)

    • johnny

      moss is meh, astro bot is awesome :)

    • MountainK1ng

      I would pick up this bundle and then definitely get Astrobot on sale. The Moves are awesome for the games that support them, but they’re overpriced to buy on their own, so this bundle is great for that. Beat Saber is awesome. I think it could be the Wii moment for PSVR because it’s just so accessible. Once the game starts you don’t have to push any buttons, you’re just swinging the sabers and slashing blocks, it’s so intuitive and fun, and it has great presence, like you really feel like you’re there.

      • Downvote King

        I hope Oculus manage to get Beat Saber on the Quest for this reason – that combo could actually shoot VR into the mainstream. Sprint Vector would be great too.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I think psvr is the cheapest and easiest way to jump into pro vr.For me the mods of pc gaming in vr are vast and wide.