With the holiday shopping season upon us, we’re tracking the best PSVR Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 deals. This year PlayStation VR is seeing its best deal yet.

Updated for Cyber Monday
November 26rd, 2018 – 3:32PM ET

PSVR Price Baseline

Before making a purchase, it bears mentioning exactly how much money you’ll be saving over the baseline cost of the headset. Without any discounts or deals, the basic PSVR ‘all-in’ bundle—which includes the VR headset, PS Move controllers, PS Camera and two games—costs $350. While the starter kit bundle—which includes the headset with a camera and two games, but no Move controllers—is priced at $300.

The Best PSVR Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Deal

Image courtesy Sony

Dollar-for-dollar, the best PSVR Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 deal so far is the new PlayStation VR Creed + Superhot bundle for $250 at GameStop (33% discount), which includes the newest PSVR headset, PS Move controllers, PS camera, and a copy of CREED: Rise to Glory (2018) [our review (PC)] and SUPERHOT VR (2016) [our review (PC)]. This deal is the cheapest that PSVR has ever been.

While there’s also the cheaper PlayStation VR Moss + Astro Bot bundle for $200 at Best Buy (which doesn’t include PS Move controllers), we recommend the Creed + Superhot bundle because adding the Move controllers after the fact would cost more than the $50 difference between the two bundles—and you’re going to want to have the Move controllers to play games like Beat Saber (2018) [our review]. That said, definitely consider picking up Moss (2017) [our review] and Astro Bot (2018) [our review] separately, as they are both great games for PSVR.

Out of stock? Check for the bundle from these retailers:

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Other PSVR Deals to Consider

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  • flamaest

    that’s not true. The cheapest the psvr has ever been was after Black Friday last year at Walmart where the PSVR with camera, and no moov controllers was priced at 175. They have not changed their pricing at all and this whole Black Friday has been one big fake-sale scam. The PS4 Was also easily available last year during Black Friday for the same price of 199 and should now be considered old technology. These consoles should be dropping in price further than this by now.

    • benz145

      I don’t recall that deal from last year, but this year’s deals have two games bundled in anyway, so the $200 bundle is $140 if you account for what you’re saving with the bundled games.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    In europe, the PSVR bundle (with camera and vr worlds) is 190 euro’s at media markt (Netherlands). man, shame the ps4 pro isn’t discounted anywhere, regular PS4 1TB/Spidermand bundle is 289.

  • It’s almost gifted :D

  • RJH

    What’s the sale on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday going to be called? (:eyeroll)