Developer Digital Cybercherries has today announced plans to develop a new version of their acclaimed virtual arcade. NewRetroArcade: Neon will be built for SteamVR and will include multiplayer, motion-controls, and room-scale capability for the HTC Vive.

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Launched all the way back in 2014, NewRetroArcade is a brilliant recreation of an ’80s arcade which is populated with cabinets full of classic arcade games which actually work, thanks to an underlying emulator. The UE4-based visuals remain top-notch two years later, and even though the game was launched long before the days of first-party VR motion controllers and the room-scale Vive, this fan favorite seems like the perfect fit for an update to bring it in line with modern VR systems.

After teasing us just the other day, it was safe to assume that we’d soon see a Vive compatible update of NewRetroArcade, but today we’re excited to learn that the developer is going several steps further, announcing an entirely new version of the title, NewRetroArcade: Neon, with an expanded scope.

Developer Digital Cybercherries tells us that they plan to update the original NewRetroArcade with SteamVR support for free. Meanwhile, NewRetroArcade: Neon will be a separate, paid release which will include multiplayer and “a huge amount of new content.”

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That new content seems that it won’t come only in the form of more arcade cabinets; the developer teases an air hockey table as a new physical game which could be played by multiple players simultaneously, perhaps with others to come. In the original release of NewRetroArcade, the lovingly crafted virtual arcade space featured darts, bowling, and a basketball machine in addition to a slew of functional arcade cabinets.

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It isn’t clear yet if NewRetroArcade: Neon will build upon the physical space of the former release or if it will be built anew to include the expanded content.

As ever, the developers want to make it possible for players to customize the arcade space, and Digital Cybercherries says they’re exploring Steam Workshop as a potential solution to facilitate sharing player-made cabinets and custom configurations of the space.

For now the studio isn’t announcing when we’ll see either the free SteamVR compatible version of NewRetroArcade, nor the price or release date of NewRetroArcade: Neon; all we know for certain is that it come soon enough.

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  • VR Geek

    I am really looking forward to “walking” around the arcade with the ViVe! Would be awesome if they had a few pin ball machines too. A lot to ask for one app, but I can see this particular genre experience getting very popular and having a lot of hardcore fans as we roll into the 2020s.

    • erich

      Much as arcades didn’t develop their own games, I would think something like this would be a perfect platform for plug-in titles. i.e. an “app store” that you could use to include possibly copyrighted titles from other sources, and pinball machines, etc.

  • RavnosCC

    omg… how much time will I waste here w/the Vive? … the answer is: so much.

  • Hero of Time

    It’s going to be my own personal “Ready Player One”-style hangout! I’m really excited for this.

    • sirlance


  • REP

    Why are we replicate something we already have in the real world. Human are stupid.

    You have a technology that allows you to create something beyond this world and all you can come up with is freaking arcade?

    • Dynastius

      These type of arcades don’t exist anymore. (Well, there are a few, but most cities don’t have them.) And yeah you could go and buy a bunch of arcade machines but it would cost you a small fortune. Not every VR experience is going to appeal to every person. I think it’s pretty cool. The only concern I have is that I won’t be using the original arcade game controls.

    • Personally I don’t have the space, time, or money to visit the closest place (next state over a good hour away) with arcades to me. And even if I could, I’d rather avoid losing my hearing to the music and drunken idiots around me. This is much more peaceful. :)

      • Konchu

        I think integrated in a solution like altspace VR this would be amazing. No one does arcade now so would be so awesome to walk up to a TMNT arcade cabinet with 3 other peeps and play. Definitely nostalgia at play here for me.

    • tvguy

      People love nostalgia.

  • DiGiCT Ltd

    It’s a good concept for people which don’t know the arcade, but for the ones who realy lived it like me, there will be stuff missing, same for the pinball game, it can let you give an impression what it was like but lots of emotions are missing being there for real.
    I agree for what @REP says, old games can be fun but they should fit the VR.
    VR opens possibilities which were not possible with tech before, and there also lies it’s true power.
    We are working on a game for the vive on which i cant say to much about yet, but it will use the full potential of room scale VR although our inspiration from it comes from the Arcade time.
    I see the NewRetroArcade more like a way VR could be used for historical record purposes, it will be not for long time play, not a real game but an experience.
    Thats how i see it, and for that i would like to reward it, as all the games are the original ones running in background via emu software, which you could also run on your pc or android.

    • tvguy


  • tvguy

    Giddy with excitement!!!

  • Pistol Pete

    Heck yeah!!! This brings back so many memories!

  • This is fantastic news! Definitely looking forward to this.